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Does metro PCS carry any of the Angry Birds games?

I have Blackberry Curve but I"ve tried to download it but it says "this device or service does not carry this app" Would a different phone allow me to download Angry Birds? Or is it just Metro? Thank you

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    I used to have Metro, and yes they do have ALL the angry birds games, most of them are free actually. I think you need a certain phone though, i had a touch screen without a key board, (i forget the name, sorry)

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    4 years ago

    Mine has been out because about a million or so, i'm in Hayward. Metro service is terrible and that i'm switching to augment, you'll get a valuable telephone for decrease than $one hundred and the service is more inexpensive than Metro. My husband switched a pair months in the past to augment and is amazingly chuffed. The strengthen service is through sprint and he has no dropped calls. i have self assurance on the instantaneous that Metro inventory took a nostril dive. i ask your self if it has something to do with this. The least Metro could do is placed something up on their web site. terrible customer service!!!!!

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    Its the phone. I have a Metro pcs and i downloaded A.Bs and it works fine.

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