Single parent laws when it comes to moving?

I need to move 350 miles away from where my baby's father lives in search for more family support. I am currently less than 10 miles from him. She is 2 years old and he never comes to see her -- he hasnt seen her currently in 3 months. He comes and goes from her life. I want a better life for her and I. --We were never married and I went to court for child support from him. I am staying in the state of Florida. Is there any legal work I need to do? Thank you.

2 Answers

  • 9 years ago

    If you wish to continue to receive child support this matter must be dealt with through the court that handled the case in the first place.Document as much as you can about your sons interaction with the father.Make a calender of all things related to your sons needs for this move.Be respectful of both the court and the father if you expect to have things go your way.Good luck.

  • 9 years ago

    It sounds as though you are not leaving the state. If that is correct, feel free to move. It also sounds like you have no custody/visitation agreement. If one gets put into place, you will need to bear some of the costs of visitation.

    If he hasn't seen her in 3 months, I would just go ahead and move and get established. Then file for full custody in your new county.

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