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Help, this is embarrasing.?

I have Paruesis. AKA Shy Bladder Syndrome. And im going to be spending the weekend at my Aunts house and I dont know what to do! I cant piss out of my own house. THIS IS TORTURE. Sometimes I feel like crying because its soo bad. I feel humiliated, ive tried everything. You guys have no idea how painful and embarassing this is to admit. Do you guys know any tips for me to help it get out?

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  • Darren
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    9 years ago

    Someone told me to try the following and they always work for me. First, turn the sink on. As you hear the water pouring in the sink think of math problems that get progressively more difficult (ie divide 200 by 4, then by 8, then by 16 etc.) If all else fails, just pee when you are in the shower. It will be OK.

    Good luck!

  • judith
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    4 years ago

    You name the embarrasing? Jk you will have to of visible final week what occurred to me i desired to maneuver IT was so unhealthy, i would of cried and it was with the man i appreciated! I couldnt even appear at him and thankfully he said whatever to me day after today, however wow It was horrible.! Basicly just think in two weeks it wont topic in any respect. I idea i used to be gonna die and now i'm perfectly great, i remeber excited about what has happened earlier than and about how i received over it, and i did get over this one and we are still just right associates =] Dont worry its now not as big as a deal as you believe it it. Trust me =]

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    I know when I was little it was awkward for me to use the bathroom somewhere else, although I'm no longer like that. try going ouitside sounds weird but it might work.... another nasty thing haha (just trying to help) maby in the shower .... if your worried about someone hearing you that'll help. also try to pee when no ones near the bathroom. I hope I helped good luck :)

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  • 9 years ago

    If the problem is peeing in someone elses house try going and just calming down and relax or imagine your at your house just try and calm your body down . If it is that your shy to ask if you may go and pee dont be shy just ask.

    Source(s): Tried :] and good luck.
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