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What to plan when my gf gets back? ?

Hey! So my gfs at a sleepaway camp 2 weeks no electronics! I miss her a lot and I want to do something really special for her when she gets back! I'm 15 btw thanks!!!

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    personally, if I was away and my boyfriend would get me something or do something for me for me I'd definitely want something well thought out or personal. Maybe you could put together a scrapbook of pictures of the two of you and separate pictures of you guys and write sweet things on the pages and quotes and stuff like that. Or maybe you could make some sort of video diary every day for like a minute or two and tell her stuff or tell her how much you missed her or care for her and give that to her. Or you could write her something really sweet. One time my boyfriend stayed up all night to write me a poem when I was on vacation and that absolutely brought a huge smile to my face. No matter what you do for her she will love it, especially if it's personal or comes from the heart.

    Also you are wry welcome for my answer on your other question :D

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