What is the name of this book?

The books about a boy who moves onto a island with his familly and the sea surronding the island has very high tides at one point in the day or something like that.

His brother or best friend eats these blueberries which makes him crazy and he one day goes to the coast of the island when the tides are at their peek.

I also remember that the father of the kid was researching on why the rabbits were not eating carrots and he found out they were eating blueberries.

I also remember the involvement of a witch? I don't know clearly. Sorry.

Also the name of this book may include the words 'desert' or 'island'

Thanks :)

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  • SOS
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    9 years ago
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    for a moment there,i thought you were talking about Blue Lagoon but nahh...so I have no idea sorry

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