What two combination of f/a should the Knicks sign this offseason?

Ray Allen

Lamar Odom

Jason Kidd

Raymond Felton

Steve Nash

OJ Mayo

Jason Terry

These are the players linked to us. We're able to sign max two of em with the victory by the NBPA in the bird rights.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Nash or Ray Felt and Odom.

  • 9 years ago

    Nash and Ray.

    Nash solves the offensive problems with his play-making ability.

    Ray can be a 3 point threat from the bench, making a nice pair with Novak.

    Both will provide veteran leadership that this immature team needs.

    Both won't last too long but enough to teach their young players.

    Lamar Odom made it clear he only wants to be in a LA uniform.

    I prefer Nash>Kidd,

    same with Felton

    Mayo would be unnecessary with JR and Carmelo,

    same with Terry

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago


    Look, I DON'T think Terry and Allen will go to the Knicks. I think they'll going to sign with either Miami, San Antonio, or Oklahoma City. Both Terry and Allen want to win another championship ring, especially Allen. I think if he wins a ring, he'll retire because he wants to retire as a championship. So Terry and Allen are off this list in my opinion.

    I think Felton might sign with the Knicks, either as a backup to Lin or be the starting point guard if Lin does NOT return. Plus, he had success playing with Amar'e last year and he'll give them another nice shooter and a good defender.

    And the last one I think COULD go to the Knicks is O.J Mayo. He would be nice fit for them. Come off the bench and give them scoring if they DON'T bring back Novak or Smith. He would be effective in the fast break.That's what I think. I DON'T think Odom will play for the Knicks nor will Kidd. Wait, Kidd is a free agent? I DON'T think so.

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  • BB JR
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    9 years ago

    Nash & Odom

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  • Nash and odom

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