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Should I go to my sisters weding after all that she has done to me?

my sister whose 22 is getting married next month, shes five years older than me and i feel like itd be awkward to go. Ever since i was a kid she always had to be right, always had to have the last word, and always thought she had more authority over people. Me though, im the exact opposite, and whenever she really pissed me off both as a kid and now, i would take her stuff since we shared a room. It was just my secret way of getting back at her.

One of the most major fights we had was when she told my mom that me and my ex had had sex. Why? Because my parents said it was okay for me to invite him up north to the snow, because they actually knew him, but they weren't going to let my sister take her fiance.(and my mom and dad both waited till marriage so they are both super prude) Now.. my parents to this day have never met my sister fiances parents, that whole family thinks me and my family is horrible because my sister used to get into fights with my parents and would run to them saying how mean we were, and when her fiance asked my dad for her hand in marriage, he called him on the phone for his blessing. And when my sister still lived with my family, about twice a week she would get into fights on the phone and start crying and you would be able to hear everything throughout the house and my mom had to even talk to her about going in her car or something. AND one major reason why i dont want to go to their wedding is since my mom flipped when she heard my sisters fiance call me a filthy whor* on the phone.

But now, since she finally moved out last september, i've stopped doing all those little favors, because i just got tired of it. So when she happened to want to borrow my projector that i had earned from helping my parents fix up the house, i didnt feel like she deserved it... even though it was her birtday(but she wasnt spending it with me or my family) So when i didnt reply to her texts about it, she called me and i nicely said i wasnt comfortable with it, and she even tried to give me the guilt trip on how i was using her huge hamper that was in my room(even though she was kicked out, i still have her hamper,which for some reason i wasnt allowed to use..? and also boxes and a desk, not to mention, we had to pack everuthing away) I still said no, and then 5 minutes late i got a text saying how generous she was and that i was going to get kicked off the phone plan with her. And i payed her every month when i was on the plan with her for 3 years, so its not like she had to pay it. And then she gave me a one day notice before i was off it.

So after that, we have sort have just been ignoring eachother. I said no to her once about something and she flipped out. So do you think i should still go to her wedding? My parents dont approve of it, and they know its not going to last, and i was nice enough to attend her college graduation.

But i honestly feel like it would just be awkward for me (i know it will be for my parents too though)

The only mean things i have ever done to her were taking her stuff just to get back at her for all the horrible things she did to me.

And i know she is my sister.. but her fiance called me a filthy who**. that obviously shows that she doesnt stand up for her own sister, even if we dont get along most of the time.

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    Go to the wedding, I know your mad and trust me I have HUGE sister issues but she's still your sister and you'll probably end up regretting not going later on in life.

    plus free food...

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    you know what though?

    You will regret the way you acted by not going to her wedding.

    You need forgiveness right away--just let it drop--if you can...

    and go. Be sweet and maybe you can change things--ya know???

    DO IT!

    I'll be on your side.

    Being sour about something just makes your insides sick.

    You'll have symptoms and unforgiveness gives you stomach aches and muscle aches and lack of sleep and get it yet??

  • rager
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    4 years ago

    Oh my goodness, transfer on hunny! She used to be humiliated in entrance of her complete loved ones, I doubt you're gonna get that one again. Start watching for a brand new GF and any more move to the toilet at parties earlier than you attempt to "allow one" in any respect (simply in case)

  • Nery
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    9 years ago

    Go and eat all the food at the reception. And kick her fiance in the balls.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Do the opposite of what she wants. If she wants you there, don't go and blow it off. If she hopes you don't show, go to simply cross her. That should be satisfaction enough, doing exactly what she doesn't want, right?

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    yes you won't want to miss something like that. no matter how you feel about her now, it could change and then you will always regret not going to it.

  • 6 years ago

    Yes you should go there.

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