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Can I claim money in an accident other than the reapir fee?

Some lady hit my car pretty hard from the back, Fortunate for me, my bumper was strong enough and nothing major happened to it other than a paint scrape off. Now, I am wondering, can I claim money from them just for hitting my car?I will claim money for the repairs, I mean she hit it pretty hard and I drive an 08 Honda civic which have complicated computer system inside, which might have been effected by the hard hit. Can I just claim money because she hit me?

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    Every car has a "complicated computer system".

    A 2008 Honda Civic is nothing special.

    The "complicated computer system" is not in the rear bumper. For example, the air bag control module (brains of the air bag system) is under the driver seat.

    If the "complicated computer system" was damaged, it would have malfunctioned immediately. When your PC is damaged, it lets you know right away and it's a "complicated computer system" too because it's an actual computer.

    By all means, call the adjuster up and let them know your concerns about your 2008 Honda's "complicated computer system"....they will appreciate the laugh.

    And while your at it.....just ask for some more money too....just because you want it.

    The only money you are entitled to is the money to repair your bumper as written by the insurance company estimate.

    Sorry, you did not win the lottery. You don't get free money just because you want some.

    When you put your car in the shop, the insurance company can pay for a rental car. Some companies are willing to do a "cash out" and give you a little something for the day or 2 it will take to repair the bumper cover. Don't expect much.

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    Generally you can only claim for damages, unless your locality has No-Fault provision. Then your insurance pays for damage to your vehicle. Driving or being in a vehicle exposes you to some risk which will not be compensated. You have to accept that just to be out in public.

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    No, You didn't win the Powerball, you were in a car accident. You are entitled to have your car repaired and the use of a rental car while yours is in the shop.

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    Sure you can claim money because she hit you... now try to get the money, you won't get any other than the damage to your car.

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