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I hate my cousin! >.<?

Ever since I visited my cousin she has always done something to make me mad. When I was little and gulliable she would always tell me something like "you can use it they wont get mad" but I really couldnt and when they saw me using it they would get mad at me. (I said it vauge because with many different things) when I was 7 on my birthday she almost drowned me. My cousin, her brother, and me were going down a slide and we strictly told each other before we slide down to push each so we dont fall on top of each other. When it was her turn to push me i said NOW and she didnt and she was on top of me. She wrapped her legs around my shoulders while she "looked" for me. All my friends were looking for me like crazy. I finally gained my strength to push her off and float enough so my friends could help me up because I was almost under for 1 minute. 3 years later (i didnt see her for 3 years) My mom was taking my family for my birthday to Florida and my mom invited my cousin for us to get along better (she knew we didnt like each other) When she came (she stayed at my place for a week before Florida) the first day was fine. The second day while I was trying to sleep I kindly asked her to turn down her ipod volume because the keyboard typing noice bothers me but instead she raised up the volume. I again asked her but she put it to the MAX. I finally yelled and she ignored me so my grumpy self nailed her face and she started bleeding. My parents got mad and threatened to cancel the trip. I hated it because I NEVER wanted her to go. Then the next day we went to the city where we would fly to Florida and stayed at a hotel. I didnt want to get in because I didnt want to wet my hair because I was tired and disnt want to take a shower (i took one in the morning) My mom and cousin convinced me and I told my cousin ok just dont wet my hair and she said OK. Well I believed her and as soon as I get in the water she wets my hair (on purpose). So I get out and my mom says I am over-reacting and I should get back in. So I do the same thing and again she wets my hair so I pull her hair. Finally I get out and my mom yells at me saying why did I get in the pool if I didnt want to wet my hair. And again my parents threatened to cancel the trip. Then today she had my neice in her hands and I asked her if I can see her and she rudley responded saying you are seeing her. Then I asked may I carry her and she ignores me and I ask her again can I carey her. So I finally yell and she gives her to me. Everyone was saying how she was not letting anyone carry her just because my neices parents told her to take care of her. She was even making her cry. Finally I go to the TV room and she starts talking rudely so I push her into the hallway and started hitting her and pulling her hair. When our parents came we were all in trouble. But I was the obly one they really got mad at. When I was saying why I hit her I said that ever since I was little she made my life miserable. And my cousin just smirked I got even pissed. Of course they let her go and started yelling at me and when I kept asking to be alone my mom brought out the hanger and I started shaking and hyperventalating. I was finally left alone. Later my mom comes in and I am madder than ever because I just hear my cousin STILL with my neice and im in a room crying. My mom then tells me to let the past go and how she is stronger cause she doesnt care about our little fights but its hard because she got the joy of torturing me and can easily move on but when your the target and she did stuff to you its harder. Some of her friends told me she only acts like she knows everything is when I show up. My mom once even told ne that she thinks my cousin is jelous of me because she would always do something after she complained how I would always be with her brother. Also her brother came to me to help me feel better and when he left her mom said why are you making her feel better for what you did shame on you.

My cousin is 15 im 13

Sorry its long

I am on an Ipod

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    Just tell her you are mad, if she does not take it seriously, fight her, yes, get a frying pan, a wrench to actually hit her, get the message through, no more Miss. Nicegirl, get the attention of the parents, and sort things out, if she still couldn't change, god bless you because she's a born douche, there's no cure.

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