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Good Disney Movies? (not too childish)?

I'd just like to watch a few Disney movies, but not the very childish ones. I recently watched Bolt and I thought it was really good, not very childish at all. I know this isnt being very specific, But could you name as many Disney movies possible that are around that age level? ( or something like disney. could just be Pixar or Dreamworks)


Thanks Everyone! wide range of good movies so I cant choose a best one. Thanks! :3

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    Dragonslayer (1981)


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    A very long time ago, (when Disney used to be alive) Disney movies have been truely aimed at adults! Think it or not, napping beauty did not have a single little woman in any of it's test audiences. Disney desired the movies to appeal to the folks shopping the tickets-adults. Go determine.

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    The Pacifier



    Small Soldiers (not Disney)

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    Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy is definitely NOT childish....I agree with Anastasia and Hunchback of Notre Dame. Also Tangled.

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    I LOVED Geek Charming, Let it Shine, and Radio Rebel. Not to childish yet a great movie for all ages!(: I know its not a Disney movie but rags is also one of my favorites!(:

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    9 years ago

    Hunch Back of Notre Dame. It was too mature to understand as a child, but if you are older the movie is so interesting and twisted. Anastasia is also a good movie.

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    Aladdin - the Genie has lots of adult humor

    The Princess Diaries

    Beauty and the Beast is still a favorite movie of lots of adults.

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    I still watch Beauty and the Beast pretty much every 6 months - such a good film! Also, Tangled is good!

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    Tangled is a really good movie with the right mixture of humor and fairytale.

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    9 years ago

    Moms got a date with a vampire, don't look under your bed, Toy story

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