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Record HD Xbox Gameplay for Free?

I have a youtube channel where I have a daily gaming commentary, and I want to record my xbox gameplay. I can't buy an HD PVR because it is too expensive. Please Help!

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    Do you have a DVD Player which is compatible with a DVD recorder? If so, here's a tutorial of how to set up your Xbox 360 in order for you to record your game-play via the DVD recorder:

    Youtube thumbnail

    Or, if you have a High Quality camera on your phone, you can have use of that. My friend actually uses his phone to record his game-play and it's actually bloody amazing!

    Youtube thumbnail

    You can record from your phone and then record yourself via an audio recorder while playing the game in order to make the game commentary, you can then edit the game-play and the commentary through the normal video editing software you would use to make videos such as: Windows Move Maker or whatever video editing software you have placed on your computer hard-drive. By editing them both together you can make sure that the commentary and the game-play are both sync with each other.

    I hope I've helped!

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    What you need is AVERMEDIA C281 Game Capture HD Record

    Capture HD Gameplay in 1080i,Work without a PC, One-click Capture

    H.264 Hardware Compression, Recording Playback, Take Snapshots while Gaming or Playback

    Record the Footage real time in Actual Gameplay, Pass-thru Mode Support

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    If you figure put how Msg me please.

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