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Do I have an eating disorder?

I don't eat breakfast and don't eat at school but I have dinner because I have to eat with my family. All my friends know that I think I'm fat but keeping

telling me I'm skinny I don't believe them

because I can't really fit into jeans and I look

bigger them. Allof them they constantly make me

try to eat food but I don't want to gain weight. I have only just started to realize that this is bad for me after reading and taking tests on the Internet I still don't really won't to eat. What should I do??

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    Well I'm not sure if you have an eating disorder. And eating disorder is a very personal thing, and you don't tell anyone about it at all.

    I think you should eat.. I know you may want to look like some of those really skinny girls, but it's not healthy. Some skinny girls are, but some are bony and gross and you don't want to look like them. It's not attractive. Eat every meal of the day, just eat healthy. And exercise. It's the best way to go and you'll look great with a nice toned body if you do everything right (:

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    You shouldn't be asking if you have an eating disorder or not, you should be asking yourself why you feel this way.

    Eating disorders aren't something you can lable yourself with to make you feel skinnier.

    If you want to loose weight then do it the healthy way so you look good and feel good. Exercise more, eat healthy foods, and be happy with yourself.

    Look up online some fun exercises you can do, and what types of foods you should be eating on a daily basis.

    Cut out pop and juice, drink loads of water (this will help your skin too).

    Eating disorders are not fun, and once you have one you wish everyday that you didn't. They are not glamorous or trending.

    Please take care of yourself, and remember that if you have any questions about what a healthy body size for you is and what you can do to get there, ask your doctor!

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    Well it is not anorexia possibly a little bit disordered consuming. It's no longer healthful. That's how I were in recent years. I misplaced 30 a few kilos considering that August. I might stand to lose it even though however it is not the correct means.

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    In order to loose weight, you have to eat.

    You gain fat by not eating enough calories daily. You should have at least 2,000 calories a day to be healthy. If you're worried about your weight, try to eat more frequently and exercise. Good luck! c:

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