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Curious about natural childbirth? :)?

I've decided when I get pregnant again, I will probably have a natural birth. I'm actually not nervous at all, just really excited for some reason. I'm not too worried about the pain, I've had two kids already and with my second I waited until I was 7 or 8 cm dilated to get an epidural with no problem. I have a high tolerance to pain. With both I was in labor for 12 hours, from the time I experienced the first contraction until they were born, so hopefully next time will be shorter or around the same.. I've heard that it's the contractions that are the worst, but there is intense burning when the baby is actually coming out. I would just like some women's stories on their natural births :) from 8 cm on, how was the pain? What was it like to deliver? Also, since there was no epidural, were you free to move around when you wanted? Any advice? Thanks! :)

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    Contractions were the worst! They were mostly uncomfortable, but they were painful too. The pushing part wasn't too bad, but when baby came all the way out that part hurt a lot but didn't last long. I was allowed to move around, but stayed in the room

    Source(s): anyway. I went into labor at 3 am, so I was too tired to pace around the hospital lol. One of the nurses was very rude about me not getting the epidural and kept making rude comments to me, but she switched with a very nice nurse after a few hours =).
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    For me, labor pain was not any worse after 8 cm. The crowning does hurt the worst, but the extreme pain only lasts for a couple of minutes. I only had moderate pain with contractions.

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    I had both of my kids natural. No medication of any kind. If you have a good coach with you, the contractions are bearable. As for the burning of the baby coming out, I never had that experience.

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