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What are good SUV's for a 16 year old guy?

Im 16, and I'm looking for a bigger vehicle to fit in (im 6'1 with very bad knee pain). Im not going expensive, just need something with leg room, head room, and will get me from point A to point B. This would be my first. Preferablly between the years of 1990-98... here is the issue, my price range is 1000-1700 approx. HELP?! Pleas dont be rude

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    Ok so i dont know exactly what car would be good for you but i would recommend going towards an asian company (toyota or honda). They last a long time (30 some years) and if u like it ur good till ur fifty! So toyota has the sequoia and thebfour runner and honda has the pilot. I wouldnrecommend getting these cars if you have lots of friends or family (as they are very large) for smaller suvs toyota has the rav four amd the highlander. The rav four should give you the space you should need for yourself but will be cramped if you will have lots of other people in ur car. The highlander is smaller and it has the third row. So with this car you get to seat seven to eight passengers and still have a small fuel efficient car withthe leg space. Now honda has the crv. This car is a small and sporty suv! And i personally know its great because my parents own one. My brother sits in the back with me and hes sixfeet five inches. If the back has that much space im sure the front will have the same or more. I would recommend the honda crv because its small and fuel efficient. It lasts a long time. But despite the size you will be able to fit in it just fine!

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    I might propose watching at whatever like a Chevrolet Suburban, GMC Yukon, or perhaps a Cadillac Escalade. I am going to furnish you a few hyperlinks wherein you'll be able to discover used autos on your field. If you have got extra questions, please suppose unfastened to touch me immediately. Thank you. Tricia, GM Customer Service.

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    See if you can find an old Mazda Tribute.

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    Check out the.... NISSAN ROGUE.

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