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Reagan asked in Computers & InternetInternetMSN · 9 years ago

Desparately need a new phone, need help?

I'm tired of my peice of crap phone! It hardly ever works right, wont send text messages when I want too, the signal is always extremly low or none at all and when I do get it to actually send a txt message, it will send it to every person. And think about when I'm trying to talk to my gf, and I send a text saying "Hey baby, I miss you!" and it will go to one of my guy friends and I think you know how that turns out. I have a budget of $100 dollars for a new phone. I need some help from you guys by giving me some nice ideas for a phone. I would like one that is a touchscreen, has a decent camera, looks pretty cool, and most importantly actually works!!!!

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  • 9 years ago
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    I would go for a Tmobile Mytouch possibly. It is out of your price but you could try to find one on amazon perhaps!

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