why are my friends being so cruel? i just want to know the reason behind it?

i have four friends 2 of which i get along with pretty well and the other 2 i can hardly be in the same room with as of right now. one of them goes out of her way to make me look stupid and pathetic but i just don't understand why because i have never done anything to ANY of them that would make them mad. i want to get to the core of the problem because i don't want it to be a drag to see my own friends, the only thing is im really bad with confrontations and i never stand up for myself because my whole life whenever anyone tried to piss me off i would just try and be the bigger person and steer clear of them but now i cant obviously because their in my group and i have to deal with them all the time. i feel like if i confront one of the girls that shes going to get defensive and her Other Friend is going to try and attack me and honestly the other 2 will probably just sit there, i don't want to jeopardize my friendships i have with all of them just because of this stupid thing but i can just feel the anger going to burst any day and it will come down to splitting and choosing sides. -_- the 2 of them give me dirty look they make me feel unwelcome, they make me feel left out, they don't even look at me when i try to say something and i always do things for them like give them rides and let them borrow my stuff and invite them over and they make it seem like it almost expected of me to do that. how can they be so cruel towards me?


i want to know how to go about confronting if anyone has any advice because i don't want answer like "make new friends" it isn't that easy.

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  • 9 years ago
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    It sounds like you're in High School. If you are, then be patient - your window is in college, not high school. While waiting, you should really study writing, grammar and punctuation.

  • 9 years ago

    Wow. It sounds like they are using you. They are NOT your friends and they seem like they all talk about you behind your back. Honestly it's nothing to talk about because their phoney. I would cut them off. If being friends with them is that important to you then I would definitely have to put them in their place. Maybe cuss them out? Seriously sometimes it takes for you to get seriously buck and crazy for them to know your not the one to be taken as a weakling.

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