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Keep having to wake up to pee during pregnancy ! Advice ?

I'm currently 8 weeks pregnant and for the past week or so I've been having to get up atleast twice a night out my sleep to to pee. Then also I'm so freaking uncomfortable it's crazy. I try sleeping with a heating pad and I feel pretty good but then my body feels uncomfortable again if I take it off. Like its not painful just akward if that makes sense. Im not showing yet just getting thicker around the waist.

Is this normal?

Advice please

I don't have my first doctors visit til next Friday

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    stop with the heating pad!! increased temps during pregnancy can cause loss of pregnancy...they tell u not to get in hot tubs or even take long hot baths during pregnancy... the peeing alot is totally normal...it will get a little better during your 2nd trimester but then when u hit your 3rd trimester it will be worse than it is now due to your growing uterus pressing down on your bladder..its just one of those things us women have to deal with..

    Source(s): nursing student and 3 kids of my own
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    although if that's like that at 8 weeks merely think of how lots worse its going to get... Sleep in a funky room. get rid of or upload blankets as needed. Sleep with a pillow between your knees and decrease than your abdomen (component place). do not drink till now mattress. It gets extra beneficial for the 2d trimester and 10x worse for the third. My toddler is laying on my bladder and hasn't moved off of it for somewhat awhile. circulate once you should circulate nonetheless or you should strengthen a UTI.

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    When you are pregnant you gotta pee a ton more than normal, it's nothing out of the ordinary.

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    Yes. It's normal.

    Source(s): An older sister, I remember my mom's pregnancies.
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