What, if anything, can I plant in a vegetable garden in Zone 7a in late June/early July?

I live in zone 7a and have some additional space in my vegetable garden. Is it too late to plant anything? Also, when answering please indicate if you are referring to seeds or seedlings. I am quite confused by the information online.

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    9 years ago
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    Seeds all...

    Green beans - sow every two weeks until mid-August 55 days to maturity.

    Sow broccoli / cabbage / cauliflower / romaine in early July. Harvest late September.

    Sow short-season tomatoes. Harvest mid-September.

    Still time for 70-day corn....okra...and zuchinni.

    Sow snow peas early August. Harvest mid-October.

    Sow spinach mid-September. Harvest late October.

    Source(s): Older than dirt Zone 7 gardener.
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    i think of that new england is a chilly state, am top? this can be the suitable time to plant for you. while does it heat up there? you are able to desire to purchase already began flora from a greenhouse, and a minimum of get exhilaration from some culmination of your hard artwork. lettuce grows speedy, too. you will get some stable youthful eco-friendly onions, cucumbers take slightly longer. the suitable way for you in looking out is to easily bounce in there, plant what you desire, and notice what occurs. in ohio i had tomatoes becoming previous october.could have been a young season, undecided.

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    Hi Jennifer

    Here is a web site that will tell you what you can plant in your zone every month of the year. It is very good.

    I hope this helps


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