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How do I become wanted in a group of people?

Well I'm in a group and we all do sit down and chat before practice but usually it's like a big group then just me and my friend . It's very awkwad it's like they don't even look at me . I feel very unwanted and unknown even though vie been in the group for 3 years .I want to be part of that group so much like be invited to their parties and stuff buti always feel so awkward trying to talk to any of them bcuase I thin they think I'm weird because I'm so Bubaly how can I make myself more approachable and maybe make them talk to me because I cant talk to them Im really bad at keeping any conversation going if someone else is talking il be fine but as soon as they stop I'm hopeless I can be a bit of a freak but thats who I am I want so bad to b a little bit more included and maybe be the girl the boys like ? What can I do to help my self confidence and what can I do to get involed in that group ? X

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  • Mike
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    find the leaders of the group and ask how you individually can contribute more to the whole group. Once you start doing things for the group instead of just chatting, others will approach you and show appreciation.

    Word will get around the whole group quickly and you will be very popular with all members.

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