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I'm scared I'll gain weight?:(?

I'm 13 5'1 and 84 pounds. Yes I have anorexia and I'm recovering. So yesterday I ate half a small sandwhich (turkey cheese and whole wheat bread) and a small dairy queen in a cup with sprinkles which that was all I ate yesterday (400 calories) plus I walked 2 miles. Today I decides to eat better... But I didn't :(

I had a cup of whole grain Cheerios

BLT sandwhich with a side of veggies

And we went out for icecream AGAIN.

Today was about 1000 maybe 1100 calories which is still less then I'm supposed to have but I'm just nervous I guess :/ I just need some reassurance it's ok I know I need to gain weight but I'm scared I ate really bad even though yesterday I didn't eat too much. And I haven't been over 1500 calories in MONTHS

I will exercise for 30 minutes later too if that will help and I'll eat less tomorrow

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    Sounds to me like all ur weight problems are all mental. A normal healthy person should be eating a minimun of 1400 calories a day keep it up and please for the love of God don't start eating less thats not healthy at all. If your recovering from anorexia I suggest you take it slow and try not to focus on everything u eat just eat when your hungry. Don't be scared to gain weight either it's healthy to when your young because ur body is going through changes.

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    No absolutely do not worry about gaining weight. Not only have you not eaten anywhere near enough to gain weight, you need to gain weight so worrying is flat out stupid. For your health you have got to aim to gain some pounds, if you dont want to gain it in fat then take up some weight training which with the right diet will build you lean muscle which is very attractive and healthy.

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