Do artsy, creative guys that don't smoke or do drugs exist these days?

Is if too much to ask for a creative guy that isn't into drugs these days? I am 17, never had a boyfriend, don't drink, smoke, or do drugs. I have been told by a lot of people that it's surprising I've never had a boyfriend before because I'm so fun to be around and pretty (not that I am trying to brag). I've liked guys before, but the ones I click with most, the really creative artsy or musician types, almost always do drugs or party a lot. I feel like I am starting to be the only artsy person in my social group that doesn't do that stuff. These guys are like perfect besides the drug part. Does anyone else find this as a deal breaker? Should I just lower my standards? Does a guy like this even exist anymore? I don't know if I even have a chance to find someone like me anymore. Will anyone even want to be with a girl that isn't wild, hooking up with random guys, getting drunk, or high? What happened to just old fashioned sober fun?

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    define "do drugs"? A lot of smart people smoke or eat marijuana and won't touch other drugs. psychedelic drugs are especially popular with people who have high intelligence, due to curiosity and the mind expanding abilities of these drugs. It's also very social to do. Note that I'm mostly talking about drugs such as marijuana and LSD. Those are the two most common drugs, and LSD is actually quite uncommon.

    It's rare for people to do "hard" or real drugs. I'm talking about the destructive ones that are illegal for a very good reason. Such as heroin, cocain, meth.

    People that are open to the idea of getting drunk, are oftern also open to taking marijuana. The feelings produced are happiness and a dramatic increase in thoughts and sociability. There's also no comedown or hang over from using it. Many creative people have a desire to use these drugs due to curiosity.

    All I'm saying don't branch all "drugs" under one bracket. I used to look down on people that way because I was very ignorant about it. I assumed that everyone who did drugs was a tramp and an addict and had no life at all, but that just isn't the case.

    I don't think you should lower your standards, you shouldn't have to participate or change your views.

    All I am saying though, is if you find a guy whos creative and smart and not a complete drop out, but occasionally smokes marijuwana, don't hate him for that. Alot of the people I know who will participate in using marijuwana are not even regular tobacco smokers. They also tend to be very friendly and relaxed even whilst sober and mostly with a similar personality.

    A guy should understand if you don't want to do that, but you shouldn't try to stop him from doing it if it inst a problem. It becomes a problem if he's not getting anywhere in life and he's abusing the substance, in the same way alcohol can. If you're getting drunk every day and not going to work, thats your fault for abusing alcohol and you can say the same about cannabis.

    If someone goes to a party and gets tipsy and has a good time, that's acceptable. But the moment someone has 3 tokes a spliff and gets stoned, suddenly that's not acceptable - despite it actually being significantly safer and less harmful.

    Cannabis does not make people aggressive. It makes them very calm and happy, sometimes chatty, but alcohol can make people aggressive and overly confident. Stoned people are fully aware of their surroundings and are able to function fully, if not slightly delayed, compared to drunk people who are confused and angry or aroused due to the increase in testosterone caused by drinking.

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    Hey. I'm the same age and I have the same problem, except the drugs part! Where I live it's not a problem. Just keep waiting. :)

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    just an example, Wes Chang from wongfuproductions (on youtube) i personaly think hes the hottest/cutest guy in the world!! he is an artsy guy and he is healthy as a horse!! no smoking at all!

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    Almost everyone does drugs. You do drugs. Everytime you enjoy that soda, coffee, whatever. They are even trying to classify sugar as a drug. Hey, at least weed is the least harmful of them all.

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    I saw a sign with something like this on it. It was about drugs and shoplifting though.

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    Of course! Not all creative guys are stoners. Some are, some aren't.

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    I am exactly the same as you, except I'm a guy.... I wish there were more like you.

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    you would love my little brother

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