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Miscarriage last month, waiting for AF after two weeks but not here? Did a hpt and was negative?

have preggo symptoms, sore boobs, yesterday, had mild cramping???...but bfn???at 14 dpo

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  • 9 years ago

    I'm so sorry you lost your baby. I know how difficult it can be, as I've experienced a loss myself. It took me between 6-8 weeks after my miscarriage to get my period. I didn't actually count because I was so disappointed/depressed. It can be more or less depending on how far along you were (I was 7 weeks). Your pregnancy hormones first have to go back down to zero before your progesterone can make you start ovulating first. Your hormones are extremely wild until you get back into regular cycles, which could be the reason for sore breasts and unusual cramping (this COULD actually be ovulation!) Besides, you want to make sure your uterine lining is nice and thick before trying again, or you could risk another miscarriage. Take some time for yourself while you can!! I had my miscarriage back in April and will be trying again next month in July, so I took 3 months.

    Good luck with trying again!

  • 9 years ago

    Im sorry for ur loss.. I dnt think ur pregnant.. U cant consider the miscarraige bleeding as a period... Wouldnt get a actuall period till 6-8 wks after that bleeding stops... The earliest 4 wks.. Even then you might not ovulate on that first cycle.. Ur probably gonna be getting ur period here soon. Pregnancy & PMS.symptoms are alot alike.. U also had a negative pregnancy test... Well gd luck...

  • 9 years ago

    It typically takes six weeks for a period to reappear after a birth or a miscarriage if a woman is not nursing.

    I'd give it a couple more weeks.

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