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Can i go for a 22 mile beach run .?

Im a very athletic male, I run 6 times a week going from 2 miles minimum to around 16.5 -17.5 miles in a single session. I don't get sore or anything after runs, probably because i have this passion/obsession with running.

SO living in South Florida, i mapped the route from the northernmost beach (John Lloyd, Ft. Lauderdale) to South Beach (Miami Beach) . It's a vertical strip of beach (check on Google maps yourself) with just one bridge to cross over. I was planning to start very early in the morning (Of course, that means getting a good nights sleep) around 3 AM because sunrise is around 6:30 to 7 .

So I just need some advice about this .

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    well i don't know what your body is capable of, but you probably can if you are able to run 17 miles. but i think you should have a much smaller gap between you minimum and max. runs because 2 miles isn't going to train you to run 22! so maybe train by running at least 15 miles a day and build your way up to 22? good luck :)

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    Beach running is a different animal. Loose sand, shells, uneven surface all can lead to disaster. Test run a mile or so before taking on any distance.

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