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Is it normal that my cat.....?

Sleeps alot in the day and fully awake in the night. This is my first time with a kitten 2 month kitten. And I don't know that much of cats. But is it normal that he sleeps alot and eats alot and poops alot and farts alot? But she does play. So someone help!! I'm worries about her!! :(

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    Cats sleep around 70% of the day, so don't worry about that - mine do too. She will also eat a lot because she is still growing and needs the food to continue growing, and therefore I guess she may use the litter tray a bit more often too! They often are lively at night time too - remember that cats, before domestication, are natural hunters so night time is easiest for them to be awake and catch things like mice. But kittens don't know how to hunt, unless taught, which is what we essentially do by playing with them. For example, making them chase things etc. My cats always run around at night.

    Hope this helps ! X

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    LOL! You do not know so much approximately "natural-bread" cats first it's spelled breed or bred. Long furred monster?? typical egyptian cat? There are a number of breeds which can be a ordinary breed and feature lengthy, medium and quick fur. I have not met an extended furred monster cat coming from any breeder. Unless this is a dangerous breeder. The Maine Coon is a ordinary breed from the United States. Originated the state of Maine. Read up at the breed. And with a "Pure-Bread" cat you do realize what to assume in well being and temperament and of direction cosmetic is within the eye of the beholder. With a "typical cat" you do not know its heritage what's within the household traces, what genetic defaults, well being problems are. Now pointing out that kittens from the identical muddle can develop up otherwise simply as any brother and sister they'll no longer all be the identical. Genetics performs a large aspect in that. I cannot realise why individuals name others names simply on the grounds that they have got exclusive evaluations. No 2 individuals suppose, seem or act alike and all will have to be revered for his or her likes and evaluations even supposing they aren't what you consider in. R P Cat Maine Coons YEP One of the ones "Pure-Breads" LOL

  • Leo D
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    Cats are nocturnal. That means they are most active at night. So, your kitten is normal.

    Try to play with him until he's really tired right before bed to get him to sleep more at night.

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    its normal behaviour cats are generally more active at night and especially when they are young.

    Just make sure there are toys around for him to play with at night. As long as he is eating, drinking, peeing and pooing i wouldnt worry at all.

    Just remember the MOST important thing neuter him when he is 5 months this will draticially reduse the risks of him getting into fight ans contracting diseases like FIV and FLV.

    Good luck

    Source(s): cat rescuer
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  • CDog
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    9 years ago

    Yes, cats are nocturnal by nature. What are you feeding him? I suggest a high quality kitten food supplemented with canned food.

  • Deesky
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    9 years ago

    Should not be farting a lot. That is something he is eating. Too much cow's milk?

    P.S Are you sure that YOU are just not blaming the farting on the cat?? Yeah, I'm on to you.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Everything you have mentioned is normal in kittens.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Yea, my cats (10yr old and 1yr old) do that pretty often, if anything, they're more hyperactive and playful at night.

    Source(s): Have had 4 cats.
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