Caught my girlfriend with a naked guy.. claims he was a nudist?

so i showed up at my girlfriends house to surprise her with flowers yesterday and when i opened the door to her room she was with another guy who was completely naked... they werent doing anything sexual though, and she claims he was a nudist from a nearby nudist colony and they were just friends. do you think she was being truthful? shes only cheated on me twice

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  • 9 years ago
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    Idk, she's only cheated on u twice

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  • Sky
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    9 years ago

    If he was a genuine nudist he would never refer to such a place as a "nudist colony" because such places don't exist any more. He'd have told your girlfriend that he's from a nudist resort, camp, community, etc., and she would have said the same to you (or at the very least he would have corrected her and told her it's not called a "colony" any more). Also think about the guy's reaction: did he do anything to cover or hide his genitals out of embarrassment, or did he present his nudity as absolutely nothing out of the ordinary? Was he sitting on a towel? (that's a very common practice of nudist etiquette) And did he have any sign of an erection? If he was a genuine nudist then his nudity would be perfectly natural for him and not in the least bit sexual, unless they were actively becoming sexually aroused together.

    Since she's cheated on you twice and this story doesn't add up, my gut instinct is that she was lying to cover what they were doing (or about to do). You need to end this relationship and find someone who you can fully trust.

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  • 9 years ago

    Were his clothes anywhere in evidence? There are no nudist colonies. There are nudist clubs, resorts, parks, and beaches however. If there is one in your area, and there just might be as many do not advertise. You don't know if there's a nudist venue close by without investigating.

    If she has been unfaithful previously, you might either go for couples counseling or have a sit-down talk with her to find out if she wants a future with you or others.

    Clothes-free recreation builds self-esteem, accepting you for who you are and not what you look like, own, or wear. We need to realize that there are no ugly bodies. The body is just the vessel for the person.

    It’s about de-stressing, relaxing, getting back to innocence. It’s like going barefoot all over. After a rough day and you take your shoes off….you know how good your feet feel? That’s the same way the rest of you feels when you disrobe.

    It is well known that a feeling of wholeness, honesty and well being overcome people when they find themselves laughing and enjoying camaraderie with family and friends in a nude environment. The only difference between nudists and others is after a large meal, nudists have not belt to loosen.

    We are lawyers, doctors, secretaries, accountants, engineers, models, teachers, government employees, clergy, mothers, fathers, teens, infants, taxi drivers, your neighbors, your friends. Most

    nudists are "clothed when practical, nude when possible."

    Surveys have proven that except for fears derived from artificial cultural taboos, over 85% of all Americans are at least sympathetic to nudists' beliefs.

    I hope this enlightens any who may not understand our way of shedding tension, aggression, and anxiety (medically proven). We have a lower divorce rate and strong family ties.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    The phrase, "She's only cheated on me twice" seems to be a dead give away that she's probably having sex with this nudist guy. Have you even seen or heard about any nearby nudist colonies? Probably not.

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  • 4 years ago

    So, is your call Mark or is your call Redd? reproduction money owed with reproduction questions do no longer upload something to the credibility of your tale. right it rather is a duplicate-and-paste of my answer on your different question. If he grow to be a actual nudist he could on no account seek advice from this manner of place as a "nudist colony" by way of fact such places do no longer exist any extra. He'd have informed your female buddy that he's from a nudist hotel, camp, community, etc., and he or she could have reported the corresponding to you (or on the least he could have corrected her and informed her that's no longer reported as a "colony" any extra). additionally think of concerning to the guy's reaction: did he do something to disguise or disguise his genitals out of embarrassment, or did he modern his nudity as rather no longer something out of the classic? grow to be he sitting on a towel? (that's an extremely difficulty-loose prepare of nudist etiquette) And did he have any sign of an erection? If he grow to be a actual nudist then his nudity could be completely organic for him and not interior in the slightest degree sexual, except they have been actively becoming sexually aroused jointly. because she's cheated on you two times and this tale would not upload up, my gut intuition is that she grow to be mendacity to disguise what they have been doing (or approximately to do). you may desire to end this courting and locate somebody who you are able to totally have faith.

  • 9 years ago

    she only cheated on you twice?? that's alot!

    I don't believe her.. I have never met or seen a nudist. Investigate her story and ask to meet the guy again.

  • 9 years ago

    Oh my .Do you really believe her. Surely not. A nudist doesn't walk around the streets nude do they .Nor do they go nude in someone elses home Unless of course he is having sex with that person. Come on. get out of this relationship now before you catch something nasty.

  • Nobody
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    9 years ago

    Come on Mark, your kidding right? She cheated on you twice and you want to believe that lie? You need a dose of reality son and its time to dump that broad.

  • bob
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    9 years ago

    And I suppose she would believe the same answer if she caught you with another woman- and she was naked............yeah, right.

  • 9 years ago

    OK, so that is not a real question, right? I think you are just having fun with us.

  • 9 years ago

    that sounds like the biggest bullshit story ever! yes she was cheating!

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