Really want to be friends with my ex?

I went out with a guy for a year and 3 months, we're both 17.. we broke up a week ago on good terms by a mutual decision.. we've agreed to be friends and talked a bit but obviously it's not that easy.. I do miss him as your boyfriend becomes your best friend too. How can we stay friends without hurting ourselves?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Don't, your just in denial anyhow and want him back. End all ties.

  • 9 years ago

    Give it some time, first of all. You two may or may not end up being platonic friends down the road, but it will hurt if you try to be friends right away. If you try to change the relationship to a mutual friendship right away, then you will probably wind up just feeling awkward, hurt, and will be operating the friendship off of the feelings you had when you were in the relationship (no matter how good the terms of the breakup were).

    Give it some time. Wait until you both are completely over the breakup. A good test is to ask yourself how you would feel if you two were going to hang out, and he decided to bring a girl he was interested. If it would hurt to see that, then you totally aren't ready.

    Don't expect this to happen quickly. Expect it to take months, not weeks. It may not even work out. Still, to date someone for over a year is a long time for a relationship between two people your age, so the two of you must have enjoyed your company. Once you both have had some time away from each other, it should be a lot easier. Think of it as your brains rebooting and getting in the mindset for new kind of relationship. It's hard to go backwards, but not impossible.

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  • 9 years ago

    A year is a long time youve been with him and that is why you feel this way. You have to move on and the only way is for you to sto thinking of the things that you did together as a couple and stop talking about it too. You have to make an effort and move on get more friends.. go with him along with your friends.

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    9 years ago

    ok well im friends with 3 of my exes and its not akward at all anymore and we are ok like no hertbreak anymore, they are my besfriends! see the key is you cant think of them like you used to, dont think of them as your ex and NEVER think about what you had when you where together! treat him like you were always just bestfriends! dont bring up when you guys went out , its only gunna be akward/give you heart break if you make it that way :) hope this helped!

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  • 9 years ago

    Tough luck.

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