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My Rat's Toenail fell off?

My rat is very sick and is barely alive right now (she's getting better, though, with her treatment) and she has a very weak body/system right now. I took her out to feed her and give her her medicine, and noticed some dirt under her nail. I went to wipe it off and the whole nail plucked out very easily. I wiped the blood with water and put an antiseptic on it, and am going to try flour on it, too. Should I be worried? Will the nail grow back? Thanks for your help!


She has already been to the vet for her was infection from a surgery that never healed right. She is getting better from that.

About the toenail - it isn't bleeding and it seems clotted. Should I still take her to a vet?

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    go to a vet... this happened with our rat. especially about her whole sickness thing

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    If she is already on antibiotics for an infection, there isn't much else a vet would be able to do. The antibiotics should keep the wound on the toe from getting infected.

    Usually toenails grow back. If it doesn't, it isn't any big loss for a rat to be missing one toenail.

    Don't worry about the toenail, worry more about helping her recover from her infection. If she seems to be getting skinny, try out Ensure and baby food. They are foods that are easy to eat and rats like them.

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    Vet Vet Vet

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    bring her to the vet

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