Custody Agreement breached?

My son's father has always picked up and dropped my son off. Since he has rarely paid child support and I am his main provider this has always been this way since 2003. We had a custody hearing last week and it is set he is to pick him up at 6pm on thursday until sunday at 6pm. I did not agree to anything else because its always been this way he picks up he drops off. Every Sunday for the past year I do all of my school work. Thats how its been. At 515 I get a text from my sons father "your picking him up at 6 right?" I said agreement is he is to be here at 6. He then claimed its in the order, but I had the order right in from on me. Nothing states I am to pick him up. He then had my son call me demanding I pick him up while he and his gf screamed at my son to demand me to get him that its in the court order. First things first he broke the custody agreement right? I had to stop my homework, wake up my two year old son and then go pick up my other 2 children from thier friends house. When I showed up at the fathers house his gf's car was no where to be found. Either they left my son at home alone? Or it was repod due to having no insurance. This was his first full weekend with my son. And he did this. Never have I picked my son up all this time, until now. I am appealing tomorrow and am hiring an attorney. Am I in the wrong?

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  • 9 years ago

    It's not worth going to court over one time where your ex didn't bring your son the way he was supposed to.

    It is worth a fight if they left him alone and he is underage. I would be filing a police report about that.

    It really doesn't matter much what you had to stop doing and how inconvenient it was to be a parent. That's life or being right doesn't matter much either. What does matter is that two adults were screaming at him and at you over what is or is not in the agreement.

    It's unacceptable. I wouldn't allow visitation.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    It's the girlfriend...that's the only thing that changed. Getting a lawyer may get something else on paper, but it won't change anything. Good luck with may prove to be your salvation!

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