I need help with wave curls i saw on Randy To The Rescue!!?

The other day i was watching Randy to the Rescue on TLC and the hair dresser was curling the lady's hair with a barrel curling iron and then he would take the curling iron out and still hold the girl's hair with bobby pins in the sane position the curling iron put it. I was just wondering if anyone knew how to do it because i am trying and i cant get the curling iron to let go of my hair. i have already watched the video again and googled it. So if anyone knows that would be great!

Thanks :)

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  • 9 years ago
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    That's also damaging to your hair.

    The way we did before curling iron? We used plastic curlers and for RETRO HAIRS are still used today! One recently Chelsea on the Young & the Restless, getting prepped up for the Gala last week.

    They're used today, too, for taming frizzy curly pouffy hairs. Gives body & volume, sexier softer, silkier, smoother hair.

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