What are the five major types of marketing?

I was asked this on a job interview, and since I am an entry level candidate with no experience in marketing and advertising I was wondering what exactly they were looking for on this question.

Also, any tips on basic marketing and advertising information and stratagies would help. Thanks a bunch guys!

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    There are numerous marketing methods which are prevalent in today's economy, but five of them are dominating the world market as a whole; digital marketing, Internet marketing, affiliate marketing, multilevel marketing, and global marketing.

    Digital Marketing:

    Digital marketing or direct digital marketing, is a type of marketing in which a business uses purely electronic means to advertise their products and services. This type of marketing can be implemented through television, the internet, and even electronic billboards. Not only does this save a company in mailing costs, it also ensures that more people will be exposed to their products. Digital marketing has erupted from television commercials to the internet, then from the internet to phones and other portable digital devices such as the iPad, Kindle, etc.

    Internet Marketing:

    Like its relative digital marketing, Internet marketing uses electronic means to advertise to the public. Internet marketing employs email, banner ads, those annoying pop ups, etc. The internet is an ever-growing übermarket of seemingly limitless advertising space, and it continues to grow with evolving subsections of marketing such as affiliate marketing.

    Affiliate Marketing :

    Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing in which online advertisers and merchants share revenue with online salespeople or website owners through a compensation model that is based on certain performance measures such as Pay per Click, sales, registrations, or a model that combines any or all of these forms.

    Multi-Level Marketing :

    Multi-level marketing, or MLM, is a type of marketing in which consumer products are generally sold by individuals either in consumer's homes or in a designated area of meeting. For instance, Avon, Tupperware, and Mary Kay are all forms of legitimate multi-level marketing. Multi-level marketers set their own hours and can earn money based on sales.

    Global Marketing:

    Global marketing is a form of marketing in which various international business allies form relationships and develop networks on a global scale. They work closely with one another's home countries, their government officials, and the industry competitors in order to gain and develop a target market. In this type of advanced market, stakeholder benefits outweigh that of the company's personal organizational objectives. In this case, stakeholders would be employees, the society in which a business is entering, the companies' respective governments, etc.

    Basic Marketing Strategies:

    Inside the company’s marketing strategy is closely related to 3 main basic strengths including; Customer, Company /Corporation and Competition.A good marketing strategy includes three of the following:

    1. A clear market definition.

    2. A good collaboration between the company’s strengths and needs of the market.

    3. Company performance is superior, active and responsive to various conditions of competition.

    Basic Marketing Tips:

    You are not what you sell

    Set your goal

    Don’t just stand there, show off

    Keep them coming back

    Grow. Change. Be better

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    1. Welcome Emails — These area unit the machine-controlled responses a corporation sends once a replacement subscriber joins associate email list. Welcome emails have among the very best open rates of every kind of emails, thus make sure your welcome emails create a good 1st impression of your organization’s email-marketing program.

    2. instructional Emails — These sorts of emails ought to facilitate solve a haul or associateswer queries that an organization’s subscribers could have. an honest chance to send instructional emails.

    3. Order standing Emails — For firms with e-commerce sites, this series of emails keeps customers knowing regarding the standing of their orders and generally includes order confirmation, cargo confirmation, cargo trailing, delivery confirmation, and receipts.

    4. Shopping-Cart Abandonment Emails — generally came upon as a series of trigger messages,shopping-cart abandonment emails encourage users to come back back and complete the purchases they started at a company’s e-commerce website. If you have got a pushcart and aren’t doing recovery emails, you’re missing out on an enormous chance

    5. Reorder Emails — If your company sells a product that must be reordered often, like vitamins or ink cartridges, you'll be able to use a reorder email program to cue customers before they run out. springing up with a good reorder email strategy for your products/services might lead to a big boost in sales and revenue

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    5 Types Of Marketing

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    I think the answer to your question depends on what aspect of advertising/marketing you want to make your career. On the creative side you have graphic designers, web designers, copy writers, video editors, and the list goes on. People just entering the industry under one of these titles will work in a production capacity, i.e. helping the decision makers bring their ideas to life. After five years or so you may become an art director or possibly even a creative director if you are really good. For the creative side, this is where you get to have a say in how a piece/campaign should look and feel. The other side of advertising/marketing is more business oriented but also usually has the most input on the direction of a project. These individuals can be data analyst, list managers, marketing managers, media buyers, marketing directors and so on. They typically deal with the strategy of the campaign - who to target, what promotion or message type will work, what media to use. These individuals typically have the power in the department. All in all, it really depends on what you want. I personally think that a marketing degree will be more valuable to you in the long run because it will allow you more opportunities and provide you with a strong business base.

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    It is possible that within the degree program of Marketing, you can specialize in advertising. This will give you an opportunity to intern at an agency and obtain some practical experience while still in school. Otherwise, advertising IS marketing. If you don't understand consumerism, markets, metrics, consumer behavior, and other marketing principles, you won't know how to advertise. The objective for advertising is to sell product. The ability to create entertaining and clever ads doesn't necessarily sell product. Sometimes a simple text ad, or a diract mail campaign is more effective than a glitzy TV ad or glossy magazine ad. A foundation in marketing will give you the knowledge to determine which kind of advertising works best in a given situation. The ultimate goal for any advertising success is to NOT waste the client's money on advertising media that doesn't work.

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