Female parts in 'the crucible'?

My next school play is the crucible by Arthur Miller and I just wanted to know a bit more about the female characters, with the view of playing them, so that I can do a good audition on thursday? I'm particularly interested in Abigail Williams and Elizabeth Proctor :) thank you!

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  • 8 years ago
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    Abigail is the mean one. She's crafty and manipulative, and spends her time flirting with John Proctor who spends the play trying to keep away from her,as they've had an affair in the past which he is ashamed of.

    Elizabeth Proctor is the loyal pregnant wife accused of witchcraft. She's often quite calm and reserved, but you can tell her husband's affair has really hurt her.

    There's a lot of other girls, the main one being Mary who is the complete opposite of Abigail, and the women of the town, but if you wanted a large role I'd recommend Abigail,Elizabeth, or Mary.

  • I played Abigail. It's a fun part. She is a dark character, and I got a lot of freedom to portray her with.

    She is also considered a lead role, so if you wanted a lot of lines, she would be a good part to go for.

    Good luck :)

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