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What NFL team should I cheer for?

I've always been a football fan my whole life, but I've never really had a NFL team to call my own. When I was a kid, I loved Troy Aikman and the Cowboys and I was a huge fan of them, but once Aikman left, I didn't really have a NFL team to cheer for. It sounds strange, but when I was a kid, it made perfect sense.

It's been a long 12 years without him. Anyway, I want to get back into being a real NFL fan and not just another dumb guy who just likes the players.

I was thinking about what my favorite college football team is famous for and if there are NFL teams that share these traits:

Traditional power. classic, rarely-changed uniforms, a team emphasis on running the ball and stingy defense and a passionate, energetic coach. Those are basically all the traits that really matter to me. I did some research and narrowed my list down to a handful of teams, but I want to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for your help!

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    What team did you like back then or someone that was special to you liked?

    or what team do you live closest to?

    pick a team that you will like forever unless something goes really wrong.

    i dont think hating a team cause someone left.

    like packers how A-rod came back.

    sometimes your team will lose and and sometimes they win, the winning part is the greatest :)

    thats what make pride and sports go together.

    i say stick with the cowboys

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    Ravens aren't that old (were created in 1996) but other than that sound like they match the kind of team you are looking for. The Ravens have since 2000 been a dominant force in the NFL, they haven't changed the uniforms much at all since their inception, not exactly an emphasis on running the ball, but do have one of the best running backs currently playing today. Ravens defense has always had a defensive mindset, and John Harbaugh can be pretty energetic. Bears are one of the NFL's oldest teams with a storied history and rivalry with the Packers, rarely changed uniforms with another good runner (if he doesn't hold out) and are known for dominant defenses. Lovie Smith isn't the energetic type.

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    Jets- Have an energetic coach with Rex Ryan known to run the ball ground and pound and have a great D.

    Browns: focused on running with Trent Richardson never changes unifroms.

    49ers: Big running team, The coach is the biggest fan on the team, Top 10 Defense led by Patrick Willis. The Uniforms are the same from the montana days.

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    I received a feeling i must cheer for the bucs in 2003 week 2, they usually went on to win the superbowl, and ive been a die difficult fan ever for the reason that, become a member of the BUCS, growth growth (sound of the pirate gun)

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    New york jets

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    Browns.. They can use all the help they can get....

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