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How long until these 2 teams makes the play offs?

Edmonton Oilers- They had the 1st overall pick 3 years in a row with Hall, Nugent-Hopkins and now Yakupov. They also have other great forwards but i feel like they should have drafted a D this year instead of a forward. There offense is looking great, but defense could improve and I dont see Dubnyk as starting goalie material.

New York Islanders- They are yet to re sign PA Parenteau as he is now a UFA. That being said they have a great young offensive team with Tavares, Moulson, Okposo, Nielsen and many others. Not to mention up and comer Ryan Strome. I felt that the teams weaknesses were defense and not having a consistent goalie. Those problems were adressed though. Garth Snow drafted D-man Griffin Reinhart as the first pick this year, and hes a big DFD transitioning into a TWD. He looks great. We also got Lubomir Visnoksy from Anaheim. Having those two players improves our D greatly. For the goalie situation we re-signed Nabokov for another year, and Montoya is a UFA. Looks like the goalie line up will be Nabokov-DiPitero..until DP gets injured and they call up Poulin who is better then him anyway.

Your thoughts?

BQ- How cool would it be to see the Oilers vs the Islanders in the Stanley Cup final?

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    I feel it is almost impossible to make a prediction on the Oilers right now. The only reason I feel this way is because they don't have a coach yet. I need to know who is coaching a team before I can really predict how they will do with much confidence.

    The Islanders and Oilers may squeeze into the playoffs in the next 2 or 3 years, but I don't see the Islanders making much noise as long as Garth Snow is running the team. The guy sucks as a manager, plain and simple. Personally I like Steve Tambellini as a hockey guy, but I don't have much confidence in him as a manager either. He has made some pretty questionable moves and signings in the last couple years in my view.

    I wouldn't doubt if both teams miss the playoffs for the next 3 years in a row, but I also wouldn't doubt if either team sneaks in there and then gets knocked out pretty fast.

    I predict that the Islanders will never make another Cup final as long as Snow is the GM. I will also predict that the Oilers will not win the cup with Tambellini as GM. The Tambellini prediction could haunt me and prove me wrong, but it's a hunch I have. I am pretty confident in my hockey predictions, being that I am a very experienced watcher and former player of the game. I am also an extremely seasoned better and predictor in the sport. I have been betting people on hockey since the mid 80's, and I have never come out of a single season losing money yet. I also called the Kings winning the Cup this year on Yahoo Answers before they were even through the second round. I knew that no one was going to stop them midway through game 3 against St.Louis. I was sure of it as long as they didn't have any huge injury issues(As the Canucks did last year), they were winning.

    BQ- Well I am old enough to have actually watched the Oilers and Islanders battle in two back to back Cup finals. So the answer to your question. I have, and yes, it was cool. Bossy is one of my all time fav's and so is Potvin(He was a mean piece of business, and he was great), and I believe that Al Arbour is definitely the greatest hockey coach who ever lived.

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    The Islanders just drafted 7 defenseman and got Visnoski, so their defense is going to really step up this year. Griffin Reinhart along with Hamonic, MacDonald, Visnoski and Streit is a solid group of D-men along with whoever else they put out there (Reese, de-Haan, Donovan?). I think the Islanders will be set on defense for sure. Their goaltending situation is a little more clear now. Nabakov is now their guy, and I believe he will keep them in a lot of games like he has shown he can do. If the top three lines are something like Tavares-Moulson-(hopefully)Parenteu, Grabner-Neilsen-Okposo, Bailey-Neiderreiter-Strome I would be happy with that. All of those forwards have the ability to be at least 20 goal scorers and I expect good things from them this year. Nino sucked last year because he was on a line with 4th line grinders, he should have played in Bridgeport last year. If you put him with two other offensive talented players I guaruntee he will put up points. I've waited a long time to see things come together for the islanders. First they needed offense, they got it, then they needed defense/goalie, they now have that too. I know Islanders fans say this every year, but I truly believe they can make the playoffs this next season. All the pieces are falling into place with this team and it seems like this is the year.

    I don't know much about the Oilers, but they have some increadibly skilled forwards. I'm not sure if they'll come together this year, but give them 2-3 years and they will be a force in the NHL.

    BQ- I would be extatic with an Oilers Islanders stanley cup final. It's not going to happen this year, but both of these clubs are on the rise so it's definitely a possibility in the not so distant future.

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    Edmonton is about 4 years away from contending. They are weak on defense and poor in goal. Khabibulan is well past his best by date and Dubnyk will never be an NHL starter. The goaltending situation is bleak. they have none in the minors and hope is along way off. As for defence the Oilers continue to draft high impact offensive minded forwards in the style of the `80`s. Unforthunatel in the 21st Century that style doesn`t win hockey games.

    New York Islanders are another matter. with a GM who played goal the team stockpiles goaltenders like there might be shortage, and seems to have neglected the other positions. Interesting this last weekend all seven players drafted by the Islanders were defensemen. That to go with Vishnovsky a graybeard DMan there might be some future.....NOT. Best is about 6 years to contend.

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    Honestly, I think the Oilers are too young to be getting into the Cup finals this year or even a few years to come. Sure, they have excellent players that they have acquired/ drafted, but there isn't any defense to back up their mistakes, and who knows about what goalie to go with.

    Islanders: They won't be making the playoffs anytime soon. They played well last season and fell up short. I believe that they have one good line of offense and that's it. Visnosky was a good pick up, but nothing more about their goalie situation if Nabokov gets hurt. They need to pick up some good UFA's in the upcoming years and trade out for some valuable draft picks, otherwise they won't be making it to the Cup finals anytime soon.

    BQ: I would crap my pants if that was the Cup finals. haha.

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  • Chuck
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    8 years ago

    Don't think you'll be seeing an Oilers/Islanders series in the near future. If the Islanders can stay away from ownership distractions I believe they will have a good shot at the playoffs. The Oilers are still wait and see. They need to hire a head coach soon and they will need to shop the UFA market this summer. They do have cap space to make some improvements but are in a tough division.

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    Edmonton won't make until they smarten up and learn to revamp their blueline and get a top goalie. The problem with the oilers is they have put themselves in a bad cap situation- Hall will be a RFA in 2013, Eberle I believe is an RFA this offseason, RNH is a RFA in 2014 and Yak is a RFA in 2015, all will be wanting between $6-7M each per season. Add all of that up that is $32-40M in cap space tied up in those 4 alone, that leaves very little to sign the rest of the team, some of these guys will have to be moved sooner rather then later.

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    Well I believe the Oilers will be making it in the next 2-3 years we just need all their players to fully mature and hit their prime.

    As for the Islanders we won't be seeing that any time soon, they still have A LOT of work to do. I'd say atleast 6 years.

    BQ2: Yes I guess it would be interesting since the two teams would be considered highly unlikely to even make the playoffs.

    I however would prefer to see one of my teams back in, Ducks or Nucks.

    I'm still trying to heal from the heartbreak last year caused when the Nucks lost and I'm still working on the hangover I got back in '07

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  • Elinor
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    5 years ago

    I've been a Broncos fan for nearly 15 years now, and before I even read what you said. I was thinking Broncos are so Under rated. Broncos never get any credit! Nothing! I'm glad to see you think they are under rated, because they are. I agree with your other 4 selections of Under rated. People don't give New England enough credit. Randy Moss is still one of the best receivers without Brady. The Pat's defence is still one of the best in the game. I have a huge amount of respect for Tom Brady, but the Pats can do it without him. Chicago Bears looked LEGIT after playing Indy, even IF Peyton Manning is "rusty", they had a great defence going. Kyle Orton looked above Average. No doubt they will win their division, I don't really consider Minnesota, or Green Bay a contender after watching those two teams go head-to-head last night. About the Over rated. Well, the problem with the Bills is; they rely way too much on their special teams. They will pull off a few wins with special teams, but Trent Edwards hasn't proven to me that he's capable of winning close games. (I live in Buffalo, watch most of their games if Broncos aren't playing.) Marshawn Lynch will do quite a bit, but won't be able to carry this team. Buffalo Bills defence is above average, but they won't be able to stop a team such as New England. The Jets, are lucky they have Favre, but how many "prayers" can Favre throw till they turn into lame ducks? I think everyone can agree with me that the Jets were lucky to beat Miami. They won't win their division simply because Favre can't carry them. Yes, they did make it to the playoffs last year with Favre, but that's totally different, he's been apart of that Organization for a decade. He knows the rule book inside and out. The Jets have a different way of doing things, and because of that, they'll finish the season 8-8. The G-Men have one of the toughest divisions in all of the NFL. Expectations are high for them this year, since they won the super bowl, but I can't really see them beat the Cowboys, or the Eagles. Eli Manning is proving that he's more mature, but I just don't see them making the playoffs this year. I think the Cowboys will compete with the Eagles in winning the division, but in the end, I think the Cowboys will win their division. I'm not a fan of Tony Romo, but he has a great receiver (T.O), and the running game is phenominal. Their defence can stop offensive drives for the MOST part.

  • Jon
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    8 years ago

    Islanders - maybe in 2-3 years

    Oilers - in like 4-5 years lol

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    Don't the Islanders still have Nino? He's a pretty legitimate prospect. That would be amazing to see those 2 teams in the finals, but I jut don't see it happening or a LONG TIME. I see good potential in the Oilers though

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