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What are some different & individual names?

I play sims and I'm trying to think of interesting and new names for my sims,if possible can I have suggestions for both first and last names,thank you.

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  • 8 years ago
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    There was a girl on Cake Boss that was gonna name her baby Denim.

    Apple, Blanket, Pillow. (Celebrities name their kids some stupid names if you ask me)

    Adam Allen Allan Alan Alen Alex Alexandria Angie Angela Anji AJ Ann Anne Anna Anthony Aaron Axe Alexis Ashley

    Britini Bob Barbra Bethany Brooklynn Beth Brad Baker Bronx Ben Becky Belinda Bonnie

    Chris Christina Christopher Callie Connie Crystal Corey Cami Carl Caleb Constance Cassie Conde Charlotte Christine Candace Crane

    Durango Devin Dallas Don Delta Dakota Demi Deborah Deb Dodge Dick Donnie Daphne

    Elizabeth Ellie Ellen Evan Erik Eloise Elle Evelyn Edwin Edwina Edward Ed Eleanor Elisabeth Emily Ellis

    Fred Frank Frederick Fredericton Francis Frasier Ferb Fey

    George Georgia Geoffrey Gary Greg Glinda Gaylord Glenda Grant

    Heidi Harry Harold Hank Henrietta Hooper

    Isabella Isabel Isabelle Ike Izzy

    Jeff John Jon Jonathan Jordan Jerry Jessica Jesse Jenifer Jen Jane Josephine Jess Jesus Josiah

    Karen Keenan Kassie Kenny Kenneth Krystal Konnie Karl Katie Kirt

    LE Lisa Lucy Luke Larry Leonard Lilly Linda Lizabeth Link Lee

    Mike Micheal Mic Michelle Mickey Minnie Marilyn Martha Margaret Marry Myrtle Max Myles Molly Melinda Mosiah Martin Meredith

    Nick Nancy Ned Norman Noah

    Oscar Oprah Ophelia Oppie

    Pat Patricia Patrick Perry Phineas Paul

    Rick Richard Robert Ralph Rebecca Rebekah Rivkah Ryan Ronnie Rosa Roy

    Sam Sally Sarabeth Sarah Shariah Samantha Steven Steve Stephen Stephan Stefanie Stephanie Shar Scott

    Tony Troy Travis Todd Trevor Terra Terri Terrie Terry Trisha Tom Thomas

    Victor Victoria Vick Vic


    Xavier Ximen (pronounced sha men, for a girl)


    Last names:

    Anderson Smith Jones Mercer Dodge Trevors Olsen Johnson Larson Larsen Tollman Sparks Slater Peterson Davidson Shepard Reynolds Schmidt O'Dondald McNeil Gray McFarland Chase Christensen Ellis Andrews Barber Dye Green Greene Lee Lucy Farmer Layton Coffin O'Larry Hood Carlile Kilgrow Christen Dowery Roy Parrot Bird Martinez Domingo Hernandez Garcia King Crane Moon Hoffstedder Nemoy

    That's all I can think of right now. I'm sure one of those will come in handy.

    Source(s): Off the top of my head BTDT
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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago




    Naeali (Nay-all-ee)












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