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Leukemia, who should i tell?

i just found out i have recurrent leukemia and have a count of more than 50,000/m L white cells. i'm 15, but 16 next month. my family is all messed up. im staying on my own at the moment because my step mum doesnt want anything to do with me. see ok story of my lovely life is that my dad cheated on his wife (my step mum) with another woman (my mum who doesnt want anything to do with me). my dad passed away last year so i got sent to my step mum. she has a husband and he hates me too. ive no idea who i should tell about my cancer and im really scared. ive told 6 friends so far and im not sure what i should do now. should i tell everyone? or just keep to myself? please help

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    Sounds like you are in the U.K. since you use the term " mum."

    15 year olds can be treated in the U.K. without a parent or guardian involved ? ? ?

    What type of leukemia do you have ? How long had you been in remission ?

    Who you tell is up to you.

    If this is an acute leukemia relapse - most likely at age 15 - you will be in the hospital

    for re-induction chemotherapy and support - probably for weeks.

    At age 15 you are old enough to understand what type of leukemia you have.

    It would be useful if you could tell us.

    Source(s): MD Medical Oncologist and Hematologist - a cancer and blood specialist doctor - with twenty years experience
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    I honestly doubt you, so much.

    If, as you state, you are 15, your legal guardian would know about your illness (if you were in care, your social worker or care provider would probably know too), because until you are no longer a minor (18 in most US states, 16 in UK and several other EU countries), it's your parents or legal guardian who decides your medical treatment (unless you have medical emancipation).

    If you are 15, as you say you are, where are you "staying on your own"? If you were living alone, I'm fairly sure that social services would have been involved by now? Maybe even the police (if you'd been reported missing by someone).

    I'm also fairly sure you can not receive treatment as a minor unless your parents/legal guardian agree to it (I couldn't see a psychologist a few years ago unless my mum gave permission - I was 14).

    Your story is highly illogical in many parts. Surely you are old enough, at 15, to know that your legal guardian gets to make your medical decisions until you are 16. You are also old enough to know that if you are "staying on your own" you really shouldn't be. I mean...where are you "staying on your own"? If you mean you're staying in your bedroom, I apologise.

    But your story has great big holes in it.

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    Wow. What kind of leukemia do you have? When were you first diagnosed? Had you finished treatment or were you still on treatment when you recurred?

    How was the recurrence diagnosed? Have you had your bone marrow aspiration yet? When was the recurrence diagnosed?

    How in the world were you able to be diagnosed with a recurrence without parental consent?

    Why are you not in the hospital right now, starting chemo?

    Yup... something's off here...

    Source(s): Work in pediatric oncology with REAL patients.
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    Come on Emma, you really thought nobody on this forum would know anything about cancer?

    If she is British, Spreedog (US spelling of leukaemia though), then no - she couldn't be treated without a parent or guardian involved, nor would she be allowed to 'stay on her own'. And of course her school would have been informed of the situation.

    But as you point out, she'd be in hospital anyway in the circumstances she describes.

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    Wow find a school counselor and open up to her! Your stepmom and mother do care. Don't go through this alone sweetheart! Take control of your life! It might seems like no one cares, but I do and I don't even no you! Blessings

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    I think you should give up the courage to tell your mum and step mum , they will guide you through it , i think if that doesn't work out , stay at a friends house for a bit , you've got your friends they will get you through it , I hope you get better :)

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    Was your diagnosis before or after the statutory rape?

    How did you find time to have testing done between the trip to france and the one to Italy?

    I suspect another bridge person (TROLL).

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    If you were tellng the truth, I'd agree with spreedog. But he doesn't even believe you. Did you ever get this question from a few days ago, straightened out? " he did this idk revenge or something but he secretly idk recorded us having sex like the prick he is, and sent it to all his stupid friends. he posted it online aswell, and all my relatives have seen it. my grannies, my papa, my step mum, my half brother and sister and the whole neighbourhood."

    Source(s): i had brain cancer
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    Tell your mom and stepmom. You're on one of their insurances so you can see a hematologist. I hope they'll have enough compassion to help you and support you.

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