What is the area Thionville like in France?

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    I disagree with the previous answer.

    Thionville itself suffered during the various German invasions but still has charm and some interesting buildings despite the fact that it has important steel works on its fringe.There are several interesting old castles in the vicinity and attractive countryside .


    It is close to the Ardennes luxembourgeoises which are very pretty and where it is possible to enjoy all sorts of outdoor facilities.


    The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is just over the border and very much worth visiting with its major international capital sitting across of a steep precipice at the bottom of which runs the Petrusse. It has impressive monuments and shops, and is one of the seats of the EU. There are some picturesque old towns near by and the castle at Vianden is a must see as well as the town of Echternach famous for its dancing procession. The valley of the Moselle is extremely attractive.

    Last and not least you are very close to Alsace which is one of the most picturesque and characterful regions of France.

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    It is okay nothing special tough.

    Read what wikipedia says:


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