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What's the best hotel to stay at that is right on the beach front in Southern California in September?

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  • 9 years ago
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    The East Coast is full of private hotels with private beaches right on the sand. That is not how it is in Southern California. If you want a 5 star hotel, you will find a few right on the beach - Shutters in Santa Monica, Terrena in Palos Verdes, Montage, Ritz, and St Regis in Dana Point, and Torrey Pines in San Diego (I might have missed a couple). These come with the 5 star pricetag. During the summer easily $450 a night.

    There are the cottages in Crystal Cove (outside of Laguna) and the Cottages in Jalama Beach (Santa Barbara) that are both operated by the California State Park service and book up immediately when they become availalbe, about 7 months in advance.

    Then you have a lot of great hotels that are across from the beach (directly across PCH or very close). My favorites are the Shorebreak, Hilton and Hyatt in Huntington or the Pacific Inn in Seal Beach.

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    9 years ago

    In San Diego there is the beautiful Hotel del Coronado that sits on the sand of the top rated Coronado Beach. San Diego County has quite a few hotels that sit on the sand, but right now all I can remember the name of is the Hotel del. There are even some cabins that are built on a pier over the water in either Pacific Beach or Ocean Beach.

    In Orange County you can try your luck at getting reservations for one of the beach front cabins in Crystal Cove State Park.

    In Santa Monica you've got the Hotel California, the Loews, Shutters and the Marriott Le Merigot which are literally on the sand. Except for the Hotel California, which is actually a motel, you will be spending over $400 a night before taxes for a room at those places.

    There aren't a lot of hotels on the beach in California because 99.5% of our beaches are open to the public and having a big hotel in the way would restrict our access to the beaches.

  • 9 years ago

    There are only a few beachfront hotels in L.A. and they are very expensive.

    The best are:

    Shutters on the Beach

    Santa Monica

    Malibu Beach Inn



    There's an older, family-operated motel in Malibu that even has a private beach. It's rarely advertised, rather a local secret. The motel is modern except there are no computers, recently renovated, and a good bargain for a beach-front property. There's no website, but lots of excellent reviews on Trip Advisor.

    Casa Malibu

    PCH Malibu

    You can check out all of the beach hotels, beach-front and near the beach, on Trip Advisor too.

    Here's a website with listings of hotels in L.A.

  • 9 years ago

    This is actually an interesting question. I was trying to think of hotels that are right "on the sand" other than those smaller ones in Malibu. Most of the ones I could think of are actually across the street/road. Shutters ???, Maybe something in Laguna ???? Maybe next to a cliff that is next to a beach in PV ??? Maybe something down around Redondo ??? This looks like a job for Obviousman !!!

    Source(s): I don't think they like to permit big major hotels on the sand side of the road ???
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