What would happen if i stabbed myself in right side of my stomach?

My dad died when I was 7... and now i just lost my boyfriend of over 15 months.. Im going crazy.. Ive wanted to die for such a long time now.. I was only happy when I was with my dad and boyfriend... Would I be making a mistake? I mean... I want to be with my dad but I know I have so much to live for.. I mean Im only 15.. But I feel like my ex would be happier if I was gone... I dont want to live, but I dont want to die either... I just dont know what to do.. Im starring at this knife right now and I want to use it so badly but I keep getting to scared..

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    8 years ago
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    I'm sorry that you lost your dad and boyfriend. And I admire that you have the strength to talk about your troubles on here. You are young and still have a great deal to live for. And going through what you have already been through will make you a stronger person for the future.

    Please don't kill yourself, it would be such a waste of the amazing gift that life is. I'm sure your dad wouldn't want you to kill yourself either. Your ex wouldn't be happier if you were gone either and if he did hed be wrong.

    Perhaps there is a number you can call like a counseling service or something similar, that is if you want to talk to someone.

    Your really sad now but as they say "time heals".

    You will feel better again soon and when you do you'll be happy your living your life.

    You have soooo much more to live for.

    And as for the right side of your stomach you might hit your liver, it would be excruciatingly painful, you'd bleed black blood and possibly die within 20 minutes.

    But you don't want that, don't hurt yourself, perhaps take up a new hobby, read a book or bake a chocolate cake.

    And if you want someone to talk to, try to find a counseling service or see a guidance counsellor or talk to your doctor and your doctor could also give you some good info.

    Stay strong. :)

  • Okay, first things first, PUT THE KNIFE DOWN. I know exactly how you feel okay (cliche yes I know)? I'm 17 and both my parents died when I was 14. I know live with my aunt and I promise, it get so much easier... I'm not going to lie, I do cry for them from time to time, but I'm not depressed anymore ya know? And trust me, If ur boyfriend feels like u should kill yourself to be with him, he's no boyfriend at all. Or u could just feel as though he thinks that, but chances are he and ur Dad are watching over you right now hoping to see the beautiful woman u turn out to be. And if it makes you feel better talk to them. I know it sounds crazy, but when nobody's there to listen, it really helps. GOOD LUCK, and don't stab urself (u would not die, bit more than likely just have to spend a few weeks in the hospital with anti depressants to keep u company )

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    Think of your family and the people you would hurt by doing this. It's selfish. You have your whole life and I'm sure your father would want you to go on and do great things. Maybe you should try some counceling to help cope with the loss of your father. But please think of all the things you have going for you and all the oppurtunitys you have to make yourself in a great woman. I'm sure you've herd this but at 15 boys will come and go and you may love them but there is someone out there you will love 100 times more but you don't need to worry about that right now. Just remember your worth something.

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    Melissa I know how you feel and your 15 wow but your x wouldnt want it to be like that by the way im sorry so if you do. Use that knife your dead no turning back that would be a mistake think abouth it think of your other wonderful family members as nd things in the worf ld

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  • 8 years ago

    That Is how I was but just live your life because if you die you die and you can't change your mind or get a second chance you said you miss your dad but suicide is against gods rules you will get a good life probably even better than you ever had just don't think about suicide I mean only bad can come out of suicide just live your life

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    8 years ago

    i no exactly how your feeling just last night i put the knife to my side.my girlfriend of 2 years just called it quite because of her family its the worst pain ever.and know i feel alone ive thought about it for 2 weeks know but every time i try i cant because i think of my mom. if you stab yourself were your planning there's not turning back you'll bleed out within a matter of minutes.yeah i no everyone on here will give me **** for what im about to say cause trust me i am right behind you and im about to go to the point of no return to.just before you do anything life changing think about it.who will you leave behind, would your dad want you to do this, i doubt it he wouldn't want to see his daughter end her life, if you cant stop yourself then think about your dad and what he would want you to do im pretty sure he would want you to keep your head up and fight through the pain..i hope everyone including myself are not to late with the help were trying to give you and i hope your still okay. yeah i don't no you but i no exactly how you feel and it is the worst feeling ever just think about it first like actually think about it.

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    <3 ;3

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    .....there are many amazing things that can happen to u in life, the past is the past, remember them but dont lose ur life just because of yours. I mean c'mon you've got alot of things to do. there are many people who dont have a mother or father or they died but do u see them sad and mumbling? NO! just live a happy life and just remember those people

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