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Atheist or Theist - who is mostly respected by the society?

please don't answer 'both are respected', since both are not equal.

We are living in a society. There is a respect to certain people who follow a guidance/principle.

Are atheists respected by the society or Theists? why?

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    Theist is more respected....mostly respected

    ((( But both are equal in the sight of God )))

    Atheist is also Odampully.

    Nobody blocks him...we stone him.... But

    miss him in his absence.

  • KAD
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    8 years ago

    Setting conditions and stipulations for answers to your question is a leg-puller to the very right of expression. Here in this case, it is not essential to be equal for being respected both simultaneously. A label of "Theist" do not guarantee wisdom or unflinching/unflappable togetherness or nearness to God. A good number if not majority of pronounced or known Theists flocking famous worship centres are selfish and ignorant of God concept and lack adequate moral credibility. If such Theists get respect in society, it is a sign of deteriorating or eroding dharmic values among the people of that province. Those who imbibed the essence of eternal virtues do not get respect, it is a clear warning of great dangers looming overhead. Honestly speaking, depending upon the inherent characteristics or basic thoughts of the people of a land, it may vary. During Kurukshetra War, Kauravas harnessed more public support than Pandavas led by Sri Krishna. Social Reformer, Anna Hazare, struggling to get ample support from the people but remember Osam Bin Laden still after his death get enviable respect among the common populace in many Islamic countries. Theism and Atheism have no bearing and what matters is proven track record by virtue of characters deep rooted moral values. Theism-Atheism is an outdated theory. They are labels. Let us make it sure, what is inside the jar.

    Above are my views and do not purport to be absolutely true.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Atheist believes in Humanity more than Theist. I don't waste my time in worship. I incline myself towards Humans who need help. I teach poor children for free of cost. I help aged people by entertaining them, reading books and paper.

    On same time I see many Theist do the same and assist me at times.

    Well I would say both but the main thing is Whoever serve the Humans at time of their need with kindness and Humanity they are respected by the society.

    If ask is it Atheist or Theist. My choice is ATHEIST.

    ~ Ever ~

    Proud to be an Atheist

  • 8 years ago

    i have to say, but FOOLS have majority.

    theists respect theists and atheists respect atheists.

    However FOOLS ( Theists ) are in major numbers around the World with various beliefs and religions.

    But Atheists the wise people who running the world don't need respect of FOOLS.

    They just get the job done, Don't wait for your GOD to do something.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Theists are respected by the society. Atheists are treated revolutionaries by the society.

  • 8 years ago

    I think,

    society respect the power irrespective of it's type and form,

    so it is not a question of being an atheist or a theist.

  • Kels
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    8 years ago


  • If you are inferring that an unquantifiable idea like respect, especially at a vague level like that of a "society" somehow infers a level of truth upon an idea such as the existence of a deity, my answer is the following:

    Those who can cook bacon that is crispy yet not burned are most respected.

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    Respect is not based on religion , it based on a persons attitudes and character . being atheist or theists is not a issue , how you are and what you did for this society matters . .

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Depends on the society and region, but on a whole, I would suggest theists because of both numbers and by tradition.

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