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other than trying to cover a scandal, what other reason would Obamahood have to use executive privilege?

I don't understand why Holder isn't already fired, sensitive names and information can still be kept secret while fully complying with an investigation by congressional members.

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    In the last generation or two, some of the crookedest people in the fed. govt. have been Republican attorneys general. Are you old enough to remember John Mitchell? Richard Kliendienst? Ed Meece? John Ashcroft? Alberto Gonzalez?

    Under these crooks, we forged a new tradition in the US--the idea that the Justice Dept polices -itself-. ALL these famous Republican AGs flatly refused to cooperate with Democratic Congresses. They would point out (correctly as it turns out) that Congress is authorized to do investigations only in connection with needed legislation, NOT to find fault, prosecute crimes, etc.

    So Obama can say he's only following MANY MANY precedents set by the Republicans themselves.

    The Republicans who are now running the House of Representatives and totally blocking the Senate have shown that everything they do is partisan/political. You and I both know that they only want this information to bash Obama in the upcoming election. None of the Peoples' Business will get done in Congress between now and the election, because the entire US Republican Party has no other agenda than defeating Obama.

    If I was Obama, I'd tell the American people all of the preceding stuff, and then tell them that the Justice Dept. has the matter well in hand and results will be forthcoming in my second term.

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    Bush's executive privileges did not lay cover for accessory after the fact murder of 2 dead lawmen and hundred of Mexicans.

    Because I have a bad feeling the whole thing will be exposed for what it really was for. A frame up of American dealers and gun owners. Providing Obama's sparkling proof that tighter gun laws are needed.

    It was SUCH an urgent issue before F&F was exposed. It was not suppose to be. FUBAR.

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    If "Fast and Furious" does deal with arms, drug cartels and Mexico, it is plausible that these documents contain information that might jeopardize some of our agents operating overtly or covertly in the military, homeland security, or the drug enforcement agencies.

    I'm not saying that this is the case. I find it equally plausible that Obama is trying to hide something that might be embarrassing to the administration. In fact, for a man who campaigned on having a transparent administration, it is already embarrassing.

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    Any and all information released to congress would be on faux "news" within a half hour. Congress has all the security of a colander. They would release the names and personal information of DEA agents and their families. Why would anyone trust the tea party Republicans with top secret information when their main goal is to destroy the American government at the behest of their Koch bros. overlords.

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  • First time Obama has used executive privilege. Bush used it 6 times and Clinton used it 14 times.

    Bush knowingly exaggerated (lied) us into the Iraq war and you seem to be OK with that. Fast and furious was started in 2009 by your beloved bush/cheney. Fool.How many Americans died from W's wars based on lies? You racist puke.

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    That's the first answer, and the second is to protect his friend

    Holder from prison. Most other presidents would have fired

    Holder way before now, but Holder is his best friend, you know.

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    An ongoing investigation.....JUST LIKE Bush used executive privilege when Pat Tillman was killed.

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    Why isn't Obama LEADING the investigation instead of obstructing it?

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    What is interesting is why Obama is protecting holder when it should be vice versa.

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    And here I thought he didn't know a thing about it.


    @Al Bundy - Not the point. He said he didn't know anything about it.

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