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Why do republicans outscore Democrats on how informed they are?

Liberal studies say fox news viewers are the least informed of all groups. Liberals say all cons watch fox news. However intangible testing data states republicans and independants are FAR MORE INFORMED than democrats.

So which one is right? HMM!


I see, as usual, liberals didn't read the question. The results are from a PEW study.

Update 2:

Green actually studies show that 67% of the population feels a bias in the mainstream media. For example, liberal stations barely run a blip on important issues such as the fast & furious scandal. By the way, I don't watch fox news. Mainstream media is outdated.

I love the liberal generalizations though.

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    Republicans are more informed in their own world. They totally believe what FOX says, therefore they believe they are more informed. One grand reason they "know more" "are more informed", is because the corporations that are purchasing our government day by day and republican by republican (politician) are pouring more money into the conservative side. Consequently their lies are being told over and over and over again until it is deeply seated as truth. Even robo calls with poll questions are based on untruths, and in order to answer the question, one must answer and untruth, thereby making it somehow true. But the Republican people are being so inundated with these lies, they believe they must be true. Because like all people, even republicans can't believe that they would be so blatantly lied to.

  • Green
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    Fox news viewers are like cultists, I'm serious bro. You guys are glued to the TV, all day letting them do all of the thinking for you. Then when you run into some liberal, you start talking like mad men and expect them to understand what the heck you are talking about.

    You are not informed, you are just brainwashed. Social programming, it works on FOX news viewers. Liberals are not as "informed", because they don't go for the entire social programming thing, they barely watch the news.

    Conservatives are the ones screaming some liberal media is brainwashing the masses, but dang.. do you really think America's got talent is going to turn them into some communist?

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    I didn't have to read your link to know the closed minded nature of todays modern hate filled liberal. Based on the stupidity spewed on this site I can believe the gap on these questions wasn't even wider. I didn't think you could be as stupid as liberals here even if they just flipped a coin on which side to take. Lies, fabrication, closed mindedness, and massive hate distinguish the liberals of today.

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    each party has on the subject of the comparable share of contributors who vote alongside party lines and have confidence the party dogma. The autonomous voters are people who're greater recommended on the subject concerns by way of fact they could desire to be. there is not any large political party to assist you be attentive to the way you experience approximately subjects. And the political extremes of the two events intimidate moderates. in spite of the incontrovertible fact that, maximum recommended independents vote Republican by way of fact of their stand on the subject concerns, and the liberal ideals of the Democrats do not play nicely on significant highway, country. If Perot hadn't run to split the typical/autonomous voters in 1992 and 1996 we would all be saying "bill who?"

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    No, because Democrats learned the obsolete art of capitalization.

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    Prolly just a biased test. Liberal's have the dominant culture so they can put forth this crap all they want

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    I love your choice of information.

    So much for what little credibility you may have had in the past.

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