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Anonymous asked in Beauty & StyleHair · 8 years ago

People good with hair facts?

I am sheding worse then a dog and i still have a lot od hair i juat wanna know why im sheding like this and how to make it stop

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  • 8 years ago
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    HEAT & chemicals, supplements, hair oil (yes, trust me - FDA have said so, and they recall products or send warning letters), medications, birth control pills, anti-acne products ALL HAVE SIDE EFFECTS.

    Google "Boise teen goes on Today Show to talk about losing her hair." She's got Alopecia, 100% why you have hair loss.

    IF you're a FLIGHT ATTENDANT: Alaska Airlines flight attendants say their uniforms are causing rashes and hair loss.

    According to Seattle’s King 5 News , the year-old uniforms may contain Tributyl phosphate. The Association of Professional Flight Attendants said 10 percent of the airline’s 2,800 attendants are suffering from itching, hair loss, and other adverse health reactions.

    One flight attendant told King 5 News, “I’ve never had a uniform like this. I broke out this week. I broke out on my back first, then on my legs. I don’t know what it is, or whether it’s the uniform. But, I didn’t have it until I flew 6-7 days in a row and then I started breaking out.”

    Survey says two-third of women in UAE suffer from hair loss

    This is significantly more than the other most-reported beauty problems experienced by UAE women, including weight gain (45 per cent of those surveyed), dark circles (31 per cent), eye wrinkles (28 per cent) and aging (26 per cent), said the research which was commissioned by INVERSION and conducted by research experts Nielsen.

    The research is based on a survey of one hundred Dubai and Abu Dhabi-based women aged 25–60. It includes UAE nationals, Asians, Western and Arab women.

    The survey results showed that hair-fall concern was highest amongst expat Arab women, with 92 per cent experiencing some degree of hair loss in the UAE.  Expat Asian women were similarly affected with 80 per cent experiencing hair loss.

    Many different environmental culprits are held responsible for the concerns of the UAE’s ladies, who are thought to be amongst the most beauty conscious women in the world.  Whilst some blame the UAE’s desalinated tap water, others hold the extreme climate of the Emirates responsible.  The truth is probably more complicated, according to esteemed tricologist (hair specialist), Mike Ryan. 3-7-12.

    Dove hairfall facts:

    1. Humidity makes hair dry and brittle, leading to hairfall

    2. Colouring the hair damages the hair strands leading to breakage

    3. Pollution is also an unseen killer of healthy hair

    4. Tangled hair is the most common reason for hair fall

    5. While shampooing cleanses your hair, regular conditioning is required for adequate moisturization. Regular use of conditioner post shampoo also solves the problem of entangling which is the major cause of hairfall.

    For women: A simple blood test can reveal the root of the problem. Unfortunately, those who do see a physician right away make the mistake of going to a dermatologist rather than their primary care physician. Most dermatologists will review the physical signs of hair loss and diagnose it as female pattern baldness.  Your primary care physician will run tests to diagnose the problem so you can take steps to correct it.

    Eliminate cause and your hair will improve. Not overnight, it could take weeks, months, even years, since it took that long to start the hair loss.

    If you think they're from your beauty or hair products:

    Take it back to where you bought it.

    Stop using it ASAP.

    You are encouraged to report negative side effects of prescription drugs & cosmetics to the FDA. Visit the FDA MedWatch website or call 1-800-FDA-1088.

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  • cyree
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    4 years ago

    Hair, on normal, grows as much as one million/two inch per 30 days, and there don't seem to be many matters a individual can do to develop that quantity. However, there are matters you'll be able to do to make sure constant hair development. Frequent trimming is the foremost. Get the ends trimmed each and every 6-eight weeks to preclude getting cut up ends, which is able to halt hair development. Nutrition may be most important. A loss of vitamins and minerals can sluggish down hair development. Taking a multi-diet complement would possibly aid your hair develop quicker. Adequate sleep is helping as good, considering sleep is helping keep watch over hormone stages. Mayo does not make your hair develop in any respect... it simply makes you odor like potato salad and places GREASE for your hair. I have no idea approximately you, however I do not wish some thing as acidy as ketchup at any place close my scalp... or my hair. And no, it would possibly not difference your hair colour. Your hair does not get greasy in any respect. Your scalp turns into oily and it is genetic or an interior chemical difference reasons it. Washing your hair each and every different day will hold it blank with out drying it out... And no, talc give up your hair from getting greasy...

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  • 8 years ago

    As others said it can be from several factors stress can be one, anemia or a mineral/vitamin deficiency can be another,postpartum shedding ,a medical illness...and so on.It can even be the so called seasonal shedding time for you (there are seasons people shed more than normal).The best way to know is go to a doctor.They will do some tests to find out the specific cause of your condition and give you some advice on how to stop it.

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  • 8 years ago

    There are a lot of causes why the hair falls out. The factors that contributes in this kind of condition includes the following: styling practices (hair drying, shampooing, brushing), stress, heredity, aging, gender, hormones, illness etc. Consult a doctor to rule out what is the cause of your hair loss. Health professionals can give you advices on how to stop this abnormal condition happening to your hair.

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