Question about 90s kids?

Ok, so all of my life on the internet, ive seen millions of people saying horrible things about anyone who wasnt born from 1987 to 1995, aka because they arent a "90s kid". True, i agree that the music and some tv shows arent too great nowadays for kids, but that doesnt mean everyone my age is a menance to society. And the other day i realized, all that the "90s kids" have to argue with is just their TV shows. Thats basically it, other than the occasional music and toy rant. Sorry that i didnt watch hey arnold when it was originally aired? I guess im a disgrace to society now. Basically everyone my age has seen all of these shows, so i dont get why 90s kids have to bag on everyone who lived in the 00 generation. Its messed up, and i dont understand why you're all better than us. We've had good tv shows and music too, i mean before 2009 days. Thats all i really have to say, other than the fact that i was born 1997 and im 13. Anyone willing to tell me why 90s kids are so mean to any other generation?

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  • 8 years ago
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    This is a group psychology question.

    When a group (any number of people with common interests that share their exclusivity) forms, they can become attached to each other and form a bond. The more that bond is strengthened, the more the group can feel the need to exclude others. You could do the same towards the next younger generation.

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