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What is your opinion on open marriages...........?

By open marriage, I understand that its a type of marriage which is "open". As in both the husband and the wife, are allowed to hook up with other people, and they wont hide this fact from each other. They may sleep with other people, experiment however they want, but at the end of the day, they still love each other, and are very important to each other.

This way the marriage doesnt become boring, and also they continue to maintain their love.

P.S. Me and my girlfriend were discussing marriage in general (We are of course not planning to marry, as we are much too young, I'm 19 and she's 22 years old), but she asked me what I thought of marriage. And I told her that if at all I ever get married it has to be an open marriage. She didnt seem to like to concept of open marriage, she said its "vile" and "morally questionable".

What do you think of open marriages?? Are they good?

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    If someone would of asked me this 5 years ago, my answer would of mirrored the bulk of the answers here. But time, events, fantasies, role playing, and the perfect conditions changed my mind. We're not in a total open relationship. We're in the relationship that my husband fantasied about for a long time. Although the very first time I went through with it, I felt terrible, dirty, used, no good, just about everything negative you can name. Over a short period of time I learned to cherish my freedom, the feeling of power, and the unrequited love my husband shows for me every time I (we) play. Now I believe it is the ultimate gift of love a spouse can give to the other. I would not recomend it for everyone though. It takes a very special understanding husband who wants his wife to receive pleasure above all else. Jealousy has no place in an open relationship or marriage. And both parties have to be prepared to call it quits if either one wants out.

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    There are plenty of individuals that see marriage as merely a economic contract, like a contract. And with that in intellect, they'll see that romantic liaisons and sexual gratification is whatever that may be sought outside of the "monetary" agreement the two humans have. However, for the reason that that the overwhelming majority of persons see marriage as a romantic dedication, it as a rule means and implies some exclusivity. In that trouble, "opening" the wedding might purpose some severe consequences. In my own experiences, the only victorious "open" marriages i've ever witnessed had been what men and women have claimed to be engaged in over the internet. Nonetheless, one hundred% of the "open marriages" I've visible in actual existence, resulted in nasty divorces with a mess of hurt feelings. So, type a logical standpoint, the viability of such is in most cases now not that satisfactory (I additionally learn someplace that about three-four% of all marriages are "open" - i wonder how many of these are "victorious".) Now, I've explained to my wife that i'm fully ok with it, if she decided she desired a boyfriend or wanted to seek some sexual gratification on the facet. She, however, believes it is some thing too harmful to debris with and does not need to do it.

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    You know the one food guaranteed to make a man impotent?

    White cake.

    I am very much anti-marriage. I don't see the reason for it.

    And nobody can not get bored being with the same person for a long period of time--there's a reason for the term 'the 7 year itch'. And it's not just about the excitement of sex. It's the excitement of a new relationship & discovering each other.

    You know the honeymoon's over when he quits closing the door when he uses the bathroom.

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    I have no moral objections to it. People can do it if they want, but it's not my thing, personally. I'm a jealous girl and I don't quite like the idea of my guy being with other girls in that way. You realize that if it's an open marriage, your wife will be sleeping with guys other than you?

    You should also be careful; STDs are everywhere...but if you want to do this, I totally support you guys. You may change your mind later, and that's okay too.

    You just do whatever you want, as long as it's safe.

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    I don't like the idea of it. :(

    I would never be in one.

    An "open" marriage really shouldn't be called a marriage, to me.

    Marriage is the formal union between a woman and a man (who hopefully love each other very much). It should be just two people, not 3 or 20.

    Plus, there's a higher chance of having STDs and getting AIDs the more sexual partners you have. I'm not down for that, haha.

    There are other ways of keeping your love life hot and spicy besides going out and gettin' it on with other people!. ;)

    Be romantically spontaneous but not spontaneously romantic, haha.

    Go out on dates that aren't planned, surprise him/her with a special gift (handmade or store bought), cook dinner for them naked, or something. I don't know.

    But being with anyone that way besides my husband just sounds bad. I plan on basically giving him my everything...I expect for him to at least WANT to do the same.

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    I think "open marriages" are stupid. Marriage is supposed to be a commitment between two people. What's the point of getting married if you're just going to go have sex with others? If you want to hook up with lots of people, stay single!

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    I agree with your girlfriend. Marriage is about commitment, showing that you want to spend the rest of your life with ONE person, and therefore only wanting/having sex with that ONE person. An "open" marriage completely contradicts that. If you want to sleep around then don't get married.

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    I have never heard of an open marriage but it doesn't seem like a good idea. If you aren't ready to commit to just one girl then dating would be a better option.

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    As the woman is person of least interest in an open marriage, the arrangement will continue until she decides it is against her interest. She will then magically become a typical fem-psycho and declare herself to be a 'good girl' who wants one man.

    American women are out of control.

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    An open marriage is a contradiction to marriage ultimately letting people be un faithful and therefore develop bad habbits, its unhealthy in my opinion

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