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Dating a guy that has 3 kids?

I don't have kids & don't know if I want any. My guy friend who i've known for 2 yrs has always liked me & recently i've started liking him too. We have started dating & he wants a serious relationship, but the problem is he has 3 kids from his ex. He is young 23 years old & says that his kids won't be around me. This is a problem because what if we get more & more serious? Eventually I will have to be in those kids lives. Should I give him a chance or should I just stay friends with him?


I'm 25 so he is 2 yrs younger than me.

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    You are right. If things get serious, you will have to be a part of those kids' lives. And you don't want kids, so are you willing to be a stepmom? You will need to take an active role in their lives or else it'll be a very strained relationship between you and the kids which will eventually end your relationship with him (even though he says the kids won't be involved, they will because he's not going to choose).

    If you don't want to ever be a stepmom or be actively involved in those kids' lives, I highly recommend just staying friends.

    I've had friends date single parents and it never works out. Why? They can't stand the fact the person they're dating has a life outside the relationship that is most likely going to be more important to them for quite some time or forever. Kids come first to most single parents, so if you aren't willing or can't play second fiddle to them forever, don't get involved.

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    Never good. always a big problem that's what happens when a guy makes kids with awomen he don't specifically love! Kids are a big part of break ups and that is whu so many guys have to wait a long time for their kids to grow but until then! it's often a broken life, alcohol and parties and their kids begin to hate them and specially their'''Said Girlfriend,, find fresh!!!

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    this is your choice to answer.. ill make it clearly for you do you want extra responsibility because if you get really serious with him your getting it... i have a relationship going on right now and she has a daughter i choosed this path and yes i have extra responsibility every day but i love it.. the only thing im really lucky is that the dads is not around he passed away its suck i know but looking at it on the other side i make my little girl happy i love her so much im blessed.... so like i said its your own decision to make. if you do really like him go for it. but i guarantee you that your getting the responsibility ether way. everything work out fine for me im 24 years old so look at it as if i was in your story.. look im happy im getting married soon and ill be going for one of my own kids.... i hope you make a right decision, good luck best of luck :)

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    I would never date someone with that much baggage, ever. How is he going to spend time with you when he has three kids to raise? And would you want to be with a man who isn't responsible enough to raise his own goddamn kids if he ignores them to spend time with you?

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    dating a guy that has 3 kids , are you widowed ,,, lol

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