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The patient’s level of consciousness

should be assessed to ensure he or she is

alert and orientated, as opposed to sedated or

unresponsive. Findings and any actions taken

should be documented on the pain assessment

chart. Patients who have effective pain relief are

able to mobilise earlier with greater ease, which

reduces the risk of post-operative complications

such as deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and respiratory

infection. Conversely, prolonged post-operative

pain may result in higher mortality and morbidity

rates, increased length of hospital stay and greater

healthcare expenses (Eid and Bucknall 2008).

Physiotherapy Physiotherapists advise patients on

specific exercises to do and assess them for use

of mobility aids. Initially patients will be partially

weight bearing and will therefore need to use a

frame or crutches. Patients should be encouraged

to do foot exercises such as the rotation, flexion

and extension of the ankle to promote venous

return and help prevent pooling of blood in the calf

muscles (Temple 2004). Because nurses spend more

time with patients than other health professionals,

it is important that they are aware of appropriate

and simple post-operative exercises that patients

can perform.

Nurses should be confident in the instruction and

support of patients performing these exercises at

regular intervals throughout the day.

It is important that patients are informed about

activities which should be avoided after surgery.

In hip replacements the femoral head is taken out

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    評估病人的意識必須要是清醒警覺的,不能是在使用鎮靜劑或是反應遲鈍者。調查結果和所採取的任何行動應記錄在疼痛評估圖表。若能可以於更早時間有效的緩解疼痛,可減少術後併發症的風險如深靜脈血栓(DVT)和呼吸系統感染。相反的,長時間手術後疼痛可能會導致更高的死亡率和發病率,增加住院天數和更大的醫療費用(Eid and Bucknall 2008).。物理治療師提醒患者具體的練習做評估使用行動輔助工具。患者最初會部分負重,因此需要使用架子或拐杖。應鼓勵患者多做腿部運動如旋轉、屈曲腳練習、腳踝和擴展,有助於防止血液集中在小腿肌肉,促進靜脈回流(Temple 2004).因為護士比其他衛生專業人員花更多時間在患者身上,但重要的是,手術後患者可以執行比較適當的、簡單的練習。護士應該要在每天鼓勵並給予重複做這些運動的人信心。更重要的是,病人應避免髖關節置換取出手術後的禁忌活動。

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    Source(s): 30餘年處理痠痛經驗
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