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does ebay accept american express credit cards?

there is this phone i want and i want it but i cant get it if paypal dosent accept american express.. i know they dont accept amex gift cards what about credit card???


i have a credit card by the way

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  • SV650s
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    9 years ago
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    It actually depends on the seller you're buying from. I have sold a few items on eBay. When a seller lists and item to sell, eBay asks for payment methods that the seller accepts. Most common payment method is Paypal. If the seller chooses to accept credit card, the seller must be able to accept credit card. I don't know how that works. I only accept Paypal. Usually people that sells small amount of items don't accept credit cards and the people that sells a lot of stuff do accept credit cards.

    Anyways, on the listing, you can check if the seller accepts credit card or not. Paypal is always accepted. You can also sign up for Bill Me Later through Paypal, which works similar to a credit card.

    Source(s): I have spent thousand of dollars on Amazon and eBay. I also sold a few stuff online before.
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    Ebay Pay With Credit Card

  • Anonymous
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    The $1 charge you keep seeing is just an authorization, like when you use a card at a gas station they put through the authorization for verification purposes and then it goes away, these should also. The purpose of this authorization is to verify if the address, name and other info matches the card. Because this is a gift card there is not info so of course it wont match and that is why they will not put the charge through.

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  • ?
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    9 years ago

    If the seller takes credit cards you can. Otherwise you have to use Paypal and link that to your credit card.

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    if it's visa or mastercard registered they will accept it, they don't accept charge cards only credit and debit cards

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