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Big Bang Theory Show (knowledge of show REQUIRED)/Relationship questiion?

If you've watched seasons 4 and 5 of the Big Bang Theory, you will notice that Sheldon does not respect Amy's field of work (neurobiology).

Personally, I understand this. I find intelligence sexier than the way someone looks. I would never go out with some that is stupid (that doesn't mean NOT educated; there is a difference), but I also would be VERY hesitant if I ever went out with an arts major.

Science changes the world differently than arts does. I personally believe although we've had great leaders (some influenced by religion) that helped spring forward the human rights movement, Newton and Leibniz changed the world even more. Without calculus we wouldn't have computers or any fields of engineering. I think that science is way important than the humanities. Anyway, that's just how I feel; I am just making example about how I can relate to sheldon.

My question is, why does he continue to go out with Amy even though he does not respect her field of work or accomplishments?


Notice how I said "If you've watched seasons 4 and 5 of the Big Bang Theory". They have started dating since season 4. In the future, please actually read the question and assess wither or not you have the required knowledge to answer the question.

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  • Dusty
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    You have to keep her field of work out of the equation.

    First of all they have the same way of thinking - which you can see from the second they meet.

    Amy is highly intelligent in the same way Sheldon is - just remember the game about alternate realities they play, where one says which fact is changed to our world and the other one reasons why this world is doomed. (sorry, I don't remember the episode)

    They are clearly intellectual compatible regardless of the profession they choose.

    And if you saw Sheldon's "vacation" at Amy's lab you could see the the progress he makes in realizing that being highly intelligent doesn't mean he is better qualifies even though he always regarded her job as inferior. He gains more respect for her and her profession.

    Another aspect of him warming up to her "useless" job is when Amy creates a "date night" and tells him straight away she will increase his affection towards her. He states he is above such schemes, but as is already lost once the "mood music" is the Mario theme.

    This shows several situations where Amy's profession "beats" Sheldon's IQ.

    Step by step he gets more respect for her job and since they have a similar mind, she is a true soul mate of him (if you disregard the highly diverging sexual drive - By the way, I am very intrigued how they will solve this one...)

    Plus finally, he really likes her :-)

    Small side note on your thesis than science is more important than humanities, I don't want to go in a full discussion, but a small thing to consider:

    Strokes, dementia, Alzheimer's can hit the brightest minds, so if there are people smart enough to ensure that we can fight those and retrieve and ensure knowledge, I don't consider those people inferior in intelligence or less important to those who can "juggle with equations". ;-)

    I think we are lucky enough to have smart people increasing our living standards both in medical as well as technical ways. To survive we can neither rely on one base, we need a solid background on all of them. Although I wouldn't have minded if Oppenheimer would have decided to focus on neurobiology himself...not all good comes out of your quarter...

    (Sorry, this argument sounds a bit more eloquent in my native language :-S )

    So "way important" mirrors Sheldon's one sided point of view. However I do agree that an Art Historian has done less for humanity than scientists.

  • Carl
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    Amy fills an emotional need that Sheldon doesn't want to acknowledge he has. He might not respect her field, but he does like how she understands him better than anyone else. He likes that she sees relationships pretty much the same way as he does. And she is a scientist, which means quite a bit to Sheldon. It means she has a similar worldview to his.

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    i think of that's merely part of Sheldon's character. He thinks that he's greater achieved than any of his acquaintances, which includes Amy. Sheldon merely likes to continuously be the ideal, I recommend he thinks his occupation is greater effective/greater significant than all his acquaintances, why would desire to he act any diverse in direction of Amy merely because of the fact she's his lady pal? i'm no longer asserting the way he acts is ideal or appropriate, my factor is that he acts this type considering that's merely how his character is on the instruct.

  • 9 years ago

    Are you trying to be like the character Sheldon? If you are, I feel sorry for your family.

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