What is the basic difference between islam and nazism?

Is Islam the Nazism of today?

"Islam will dominate the world"

"All the world must be for Allah alone"

"Kill the Jews"

"Deutschland, Deutschland, uber alles", Allah is above all!

Heil, Muhhammad!

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  • 8 years ago
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    There isn't much difference. The ideology is exactly the same. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem was allied with Adolf Hitler and advised him on ways to kill the Jews in the holocaust! He was Yasser Arafats Uncle who was also related to Saddam Hussein and he recruited Bosnian Muslims into the SS to fight for Hitler.

    Jihad and killing non-believers is a command to all Muslims. No Muslim fundamentalist denies that Jihad (Holy War) is not a commandment by Allah. It is part of the Islamic pride that is evident in the world today. The 9/11 bombers were real Muslims and that is the worrying thing. They were following the Qu'ran to the letter, and its logical conclusion - murder and death. In many ways Islam is not that disimilar from Nazism. It is so frightingly similar that Mein Kampf could have copied the Qu'ran.

    An example:

    Nazism: Jews need to wear an identifiable mark on their clothing to identify them as Jews. The star of David for an identification with the word (Jude) on the chest. A yellow banner is to be fixed around the shoulder or arm, as to be recognized as a Jew. They must live in the Jewish Ghettos.

    Islam: Dhimmis (Jews & Christians) must wear identifiable clothing and live in a clearly marked house. A yellow banner is to be fixed around the shoulder or arm, as to be recognized as a Jew.

    The Prophet Mohammed himself was responsible for the masacre of 6,000 innocent Jews who had surrendered in Al Madina. Muslims have always explained this away by claiming that they betrayed the prophet, nevertheless, the end results was the mass slaughter of 6,000 innocent people who had surrendered.

    In the Quran it says: "Ye true believers, never regard the Jews and Christians as your friends...and if any of you befriends them, surely, he is part of them. And Allah will not guide such wicked people." This is in Surahs Al-Maa'idah[5]:51 and Al-Baqarah[2]:120.

    In the Islamic world, Islam as the prophet Muhammad spells out, the relationships of Muslims towards non-Muslims; "they are in the house of Islam, or the house of war", in Arabic (Dar Al-Islam) or (Dar Al-Harb). Today in the west Muslims are free to spread Islam, with the exception of Jihad (Holy War), by the sword.

    If Christianity promotes killing innocent people then Christianity must be questioned. If Islam promotes killing innocent people then Islam must be questioned. I cannot find any other option. Are there any?

    Again I emphasize on what Islam's Quran teaches, as Muslim governments are to be at war and carry arms against the world if the world rejects Islam. This is evident the moment one starts looking into the Quran. and is the main reason why Palestinian teenagers wrap themselves with explosives and blow up a Jewish bus, it is the main reason why Sheikh Omar Abdull-Rahman orders the bombing of American buildings in New York. The issue is not political only, but a commandment from Allah. Some Muslims might object to the bombing of the World Trade Center building in New York, but no Muslim fundamentalist denies that Jihad (Holy War) is not a commandment by Allah. It is part of the Islamic pride that is evident in the world today. The pen is part of the master plan of converting the world then the sword.

    In his book, How to Perfect the Science of the Quran (Al-Itqan), writes Mr. Al-Syoti, in volume 2 page 37; "The Verse of the Sword has abrogated (annulled) one hundred and twenty four Quranic verses and all what came in the Quran on matters of forgiving and ignoring, unbelievers have been replaced (Mansookha), by the verse of the sword." This is also conferred by the highest of the interpreters of the Quran, for further evidence refer to the following; Kitab Al-Nasekh Wal-Mansookh, by Al-Neesaburi. Al-Hafeth Ibnu Katheer Ibin Abas. Al-Tasheel Lulum Al-Tanzeel. Al-Husain Ibn Fadl. Abu Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Hazm. Al-Muhaqiq Abu Al-Qasim Hibatullah Ibn Salameh. Al-Sudy Wa-AlDahak. Muhammad Abdulsalam Faraj.

    The evidence on the abrogation of verses which calls for tolerance and patience cannot be refuted. People in the West today need to be awakened, they cannot ignore what is really taught in the East, that is; to Islamize the West, the banners one sees in all Islamic rallies and demonstrations proves the point, "Islam to the World."

    • Ikram5 years agoReport

      Please read about of Jihad starting from the direct translation of the word in english before you write about it. No one obligated you to write, so you don't have to write what you don't know.

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  • 4 years ago

    The Differences? One. Germany was a highly developed educated, sophisticated technological society.

    Arabia? well... when was the last time you heard the term "Arabian technology"?

    Two. People recognized Nazism as a threat and moved to defeat it. People are confused about islam because it crouches guised as religion. The western world is sensitive to freedom and is hesitant to act against a religion.

    Besides that ..... Not much else.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Well I think the difference between Nazism and Islam is that Islam uses deception extensively to lure people to convert to Islam. Islam means peace in Arabic? that's a good strategy to lure people and they keep saying Allah is all merciful and forgiving etc etc.

    They used violence and Jidadh in the past to conquer countries, now since the West is more civilized and industrialized than most Islamic countries, they see West as a threat and cannot use violence to conquer, so they turn to deception.

    Source(s): www.alisina.org
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  • Petit
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    8 years ago


    The Islamic law ruled for over a thousand years without genocides. Their conquest was mostly peaceful and minorities were well treated. There are of course some exceptions but these are insignificant.

    The Nazis murdered millions of people in just few years.

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  • anvil
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    8 years ago

    It is intellectually stimulating when one comes across original thinking,which makes sense.even if it causes howls of protest from those who know no better.

    Islam has indeed become the greatest enemy of Israel and the Jewish people.They have replaced the

    Nazi's as the most hate filled group on the globe.Their hate includes the West although many in the so called Western countries,like Norway and Britain still find common cause with Islam.

    There is a clash of civilizations in which the dominant power in world politics has shifted toward the 54 Muslim countries that control the General Assembly of the United Nations and it's agencies.

    Obviously Israel is the greatest thorn in their flesh because it represents all that is best in the forces of light and freedom and progress in civilization.

    This is the opposite of Islam's failure to evolve from it's founding backwardness and it's philosophy of war ,hate and terrorism.

    Islam refuses to live in a world of choice and universality.It refuses to tolerate diversity of religious belief ,human rights and freedom for all.

    Israel is indeed a bone in their throat.It stands for religious freedom.It does not demand conversion ,but welcomes those who wish like Ruth to make "Your people, my people and your G-D my G-D."

    When Israel liberated Jerusalem it did not follow the Muslim approach of converting the religious Holy places of others into Mosques and than rewriting history like Islam did with King Solomon's Temple.

    And what is worse for Islam,Israel with all it's freedoms and culture intact,has survived the Muslim onslaught and only grown stronger.

    There is only one difference between Islam and the Nazi's.There was no Jewish State to defend it's people and very few righteous gentiles.Today Israel will not tolerate the bloody hand of Ishmael and there are countries like Canada and for the most part the United States which stand up for human rights whereas their voices were muted during the Nazi period, except where their self interest was involved.

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  • 8 years ago

    In order to hide its numerous evil deeds Zionism must direct the focus elsewhere and this question is a classic example of the exact technique.

    Please, readers of this question and the answers that follow consider that the Zionists of Israel have killed exactly the same number of Christian Arabs as Muslim Arabs as a proportion of the Palestinian population.

    Israeli Zionists murdered American Christians on board the USS Liberty and the Israeli spy Jonathon Pollard considered the US the enemy of Israel and spied on the United States.

    The fundamental problem that Zionism has - is hate of others and they are just focusing on Islam now but if you do not defend what is right - you and your religion or race or ethnicity may well be next.

    Zionism is a fraud and you can find all the proof you want to prove that fact beyond all doubt.

    Go to the light me friends not the dark side of Zionism.

    Edit: Correction to one of the answers below...

    The greatest enemy of Israel - is the truth!

    The truth is something Zionism has no technology to defeat and lying about the truth just makes Zionism look worse and we all know Zionism looks very, very bad already.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Nazism = National socialist Party.

    I'd say that Islam (as a national party) probably aligns to Nazism.

    You might want to understand that.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago


    oh shut up will you!!!

    you know nothing about Islam! stop ,making a fool out of your self!!

    Islam is NOTHING like Nazism!

    its sad to hear that you relay on LIES

    'Allah is above all!' < whats wrong with saying that! you are just saying 'God is above all'

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  • 8 years ago


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  • Marian
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    8 years ago

    One is a religion and one is a political movement?

    I know where you are going with this, but bad phrasing of your question isn't helping your cause.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    the truth will dominate the world and all the world is the property for Allah the one he is above of all and his prophet muhammad peace be upon him

    anyone makes sins must judge for his sins

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