Can you audition in LA California for acting roles without an agent?

I currently live in Maryland as a full time student. I want to become an actress but I know Maryland is not the place to be for that. I am going to stay in Maryland until I get my Bachelors degree which means I have two more years to go, and my plan is to go to LA during the summer time and audition for some acting roles. Can I audition in LA without an agent? How do I find auditions without an agent, I know online but what are some good trusting websites? Thanks.

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  • MUA
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    8 years ago
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    you could audition for no/low budget, non-union projects that you may find listed on craigslist, in trade papers, etc....anywhere in the US, including L.A. but in markets that are saturated with wanna-be actors, like L.A. and NY, you will be standing in a very long line. these projects are good for experience and padding your resume', but do not pay enough to cover the cost of living in a place like L.A.

    prior to moving to such a large film/tv market, you want a lot of training, a good resume', a reel, and a legit agent. otherwise, you'll end up working fast food to pay thousands of dollars a month, to live.

    Source(s): i work in the film industry & manage my son's acting career
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  • 8 years ago

    There's no need to move to Cali, especially if you don't know if acting is for you.

    But no, you can't get an audition without an agent.

    Get into some local classes 2-3 times a week, for 2-3 years, minimum.

    Audition at local theatres' productions for some experience.

    Then when you graduate (or even before), you can start looking for agents. You'll find reputable ones on the SAG website.

    Source(s): Actress/Model/Singer/Dancer
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  • R K
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    8 years ago

    most all auditions you can find on your own are going to be for low or no pay. you need an agent to get you on most professional acting auditions. there are occasions where a film co hasn't found the actors

    they wanted through the agencies, then they have an open call. a couple months during summer is not enough time to do anything.

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